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Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d released!


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Welcome to Team NeO's Modding Site. Here you can find all the mods that we have to offer for GTA IV & GTA V. To visit the developer blogs click on the buttons above.

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Let us know! Post comments/bug reports on our forum so our developers can correct it! Developers do their best to make the changes that you suggest however, we cannot guaruntee all ideas will be added as sometimes we're physically limited by the game itself but we welcome all ideas & suggestions!

GTA V is here! Where is the Police Pursuit Mod??

It's coming! Don't worry, we're equally as excited about developing a Police Pursuit Mod for GTA V as much as you're looking forward to playing it!
There is currently no ETA on when we will have this ready but rest assured, we'll have it out as soon as possible!

Additional Downloads that may be needed (GTA IV)

ScriptHook 0.5.1 For GTA IV: Patch & EFLC: Download

GTA IV Patch: Download [LATEST]

GTA IV xliveless-0.99b1: Download [Untested][Not Recommended]

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