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Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d released!


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Welcome to Team NeO's Modding Site. Here you can find all the mods that we have to offer for GTA IV. To visit the developer blogs click on the buttons above.

Found a bug? Have an idea for our mod?:

Let us know! Post comments/bug reports on our forum so our developers can correct it! Developers do their best to make the changes that you suggest however, we cannot guaruntee all ideas will be added as sometimes we're physically limited by the game itself but we welcome all ideas & suggestions!

Download Links Now Work! - Sorry

Sorry for the recent trouble with downloading our files. We had a technical fault which caused our links to be erased. This has now been resolved. Download The Latest Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d

From Beta 7.6c I am going to remove the "You have hit a vehicle"

Full story here: Click here.

Would you like to become a 'Staff', 'Experienced Member' or 'Developer' here?

We're always looking for new developers like msyelf to help build this community and its mods. If you're an active mod developer that perhaps already have mods of your own out there or perhaps you just know how to program and would like to start a new mod then why not start one here?

Developers gain full admin powers among many other benefits. See for details.

Perhaps a 'Developer' roll is a bit much for you but you would still like to help out the community, why not become a 'Staff' member? Staff members are effectively the law enforcers of our forum. They will enforce rules, help users in distress and above all, protect the community from any unwanted presants or people.

As part of the training, anyone requesting to join the moderator team (Staff Member) will be placed into a group called 'Experienced Members'. Although these guys don't have any special powers they do have that higher status and Developers will more often then note , take their word for it. Experinced Members are also part of our Beta Tester team. These guys from time to time will be asked to verify certain things or try to find bugs in our mod before we release the mod to the public.

If any of the above information has made you want to join any of the specified positions then check out this post and get back to me (NeO_Anderson).

Additional Downloads that may be needed

ScriptHook 0.5.1 For GTA: Patch & EFLC: Download

GTA IV Patch: Download [LATEST]

xliveless-0.99b1: Download [Untested][Not Recommended]

Total Downloads: 139550