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  1. Hello, I've been seeing and reading reports from players over various websites including steam forums that users that have used any mods (even those that aren't designed for cheating) and were pefectly innocent have been getting banned by Rockstar games who are not responding to anyone's pleas when pointing out they were not actually cheating. This being said, I'm not able to test the mod for fearing of getting my game/account banned from online. I will resume testing once Rockstar have sorted themselves out. I must say though, I'm very impressed that Rockstar games is doing something about the online hackers... unlike GTA IV where it were just left to rot and the hackers completely destroyed the online gaming... I hoped they would not allow this to re-occur in GTA V as its very dependent on online play. I just hope they tweak things a little bit so it allows us to use mods that are fair or offline but block them from online use. Rockstar games have hated their games being modified even those mods that are just for single player tweaks e.t.c and not for hacking. So I'm concerned whether or not they will still treat all mods as bad and leave it at that... fingers crossed there is a happy medium.
  2. From what I have gathered so far, they will only ban if you're caught using mods online. And they WILL know if you use mods online as from what I understand when you click "online" it sends messages to rockstar including any mods you have installed and so they always know. Furthermore, I have begun development on Police Pursuit Mod for GTA V and from what I have read, if you attempt to go online by hitting the "Online" button the game will simply close down this is obviously ScriptHook's way of combating cheaters BUT there are ways around that and aslong as you don't try to "overcome" this you have no way of accidently going online and getting banned. That being said, in order for me to test the Police Mod as I develop it - I'm required to load the mod into the game...and thus far I have not been banned but I'll certainly post if this does ever occur.... I hope to make it very easy to use our mod and then take it off when you plan to go online all from shortcuts on the desktop , at least thats the idea but the initial releases will probably be manually done. It'll be very easy though, all you must do to uninstall the mod is delete the two files that come with it and to reinstall its the other way around and job done.
  3. The best way to find out if a mod will work with our mod is to try it. I personally don't use many mods and have now stopped playing GTA IV however, the only known issues we had are those listed on the downloads page. Beyond that, you can simply try to install the other mods and aslong as it doesnt overwrite the files used by our mod, it should in theory work.
  4. Hmm, there were reports that people using single player mods also got caught up in the mass-bannings that rockstar did. it seems their official stance on modding is that they will keep an eye on single player modders and ensure they don't use their mods for online play e.t.c so its safe! i will begin development as soon as possible! :D
  5. Hello with the release of GTA V for PC, we've begun taking some steps to bring you all a new and improved Police Pursuit Mod for GTA V! There is no ETA as it takes time to create a fantastic mod from scratch so please give us some time but I assure you, it will be great! I will much like before... release as we go so expect Betas out first! :)
  6. Hello mate yes I would love to make a PPM for GTAV it all boils down to whether or not a ScriptHook or something similar is released for me to work with to make PPM in GTAV. Fingers crossed!
  7. english my friend
  8. Very unlikely with GTA V out. I will hopefully make a mod for that instead. When they finally release it for PC that is!
  9. What's the problem?
  10. Hello guys and girls, releasing another fix build to combat the most recent bugs and hopefully the final fix for cop stats saving issue! Enjoy and remember to report back with whatever bugs you find! :D Download Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d
  11. this is due to system permissions. try right click and run as adminstrator or disable UAC
  12. Fixed sorry
  13. What would you like to see added to the in-game menu? Please clearly state what you would like added to the menu and why :)
  14. The mod does not support EFLC or any other version of the game. It was destined for the original IV. 1 probably because of your game version as this works fine for me in normal game. 2 probably because of your game version as this works fine for me in normal game 3 is not a bug it's a taser 4 is not a bug it was intentional to make the suspect harder to take down. 5 emc will help victims if no victim exists it will simply come to the scene. You can then use the ems yourself to heal.
  15. Hello, if you find that your Police Radio is not functioning correctly or you hear the normal radio instead of the police one. Please follow this guide. 1) Go in-game and go in your options 2) Look down the list for Independance FM Mode and set this to Sequential or Shuffle 3) Now click Complete Scan at the bottom of the menu. It should discover 3 files and say 0/3 then 1/3, then 2/3 and finally 3/3. 4) Close the menu (ESC button) and return to the game, you should now hear the police radio chatter when you're inside a cop car. Please note , there is a known issue with radio chatter not working on EFLC.
  16. Here is a list of game patches/versions and whether or not they're supported by the mod. * - The mod does not work with this game version. * - To my knowledge, the mod does not work on this game version. * - We have reports that the [X] version works on this game version. * - We have reports that the [X] version works on this game version. * - We have reports that the [X] version works on this game version. * - We assume the normal version of the mod works on this game version. * - We assume the normal version of the mod works on this game version. * - We confirm that the normal version of the mod works on this game version. * - We confirm that the normal version of the mod works on this game version. Legends: What does the [X] mean? This represents the [X] version of a mod. These are usually mods that have been compiled under an older ScriptHook and are designed to work with the older patches. What are the colors about? Each color represents the status of support for a mod. RED represents a version of the game that is completely unsupported or untested at this time. GREEN represents a game version that IS fully supported and tested. ORANGE represents a game version that may or may not work with a perticular version of the mod.
  17. Hey guys, just wanted to show a quick demo of a new sub-mission I've added/fixed for 7.5c. This will enable users to use their own instincts to try and catch criminals. You can park up at a side road and monitor traffic for odd behavior. IF you ssee something that might constitute the behavior of a criminal, tail or get close to that vehicle, if you guessed right he or she will be marked and made an 'official suspect'. Failing to spot the vehicle will lead to a computer message saying you've "missed a crime" lol. Good ways to spot the suspect is; * Increase in speed * Sudden turning or flying around corners * Running red lights * Over taking other vehicles (usually at speed) If you get close to a vehicle that you think is acting strangely and nothing happens then he/she is NOT a criminal and you can let them go. Video can be seen here: http://mods.team-neo.com/iv/7.5/
  18. I used to experience this when I first started developing and using the mod. But I found that this issue was not related to the mod at all but with GTA IV itself. After I reinstalled GTA IV and used the exact same file/verison of the mod it worked perfectly and instantly when i pressed the button. But I wouldn't reinstall just for this as the installation of IV is like watching paint dry.. it takes years lol.
  19. To fix a few crash issues, I've released 7.5b! Download Police Pursuit Mod 7.5b
  20. Dear users, In my endless efforts to bring you the best possible mod and support I'm now currently offering a new service called Live Support. This will enable you to get support in real time and fast. Whether you're a new to Police Mod and cannot install it or whether you have a general question about anything on the Team NeO network, simply visit the homepage and click on the "Live Support" button. If the button shows as "Online" then we're right there and ready to help you. If not, leave a message or post on the forum as you would normally. Click on this link or goto: www.policemod.com then click 'Live Support'
  21. That is probably a normal crash. Best thing you can do is try to watch what is happening around the time it crashes and report your findings.
  22. Hello guys and girls. Unfortunately due to lack of time I've not been able to work a lot on the latest version but now that I have a laptop, I'm able to work a little more on it and I wanted to release what I have now. With time I will add more cool things and release another version whenever that may be. As this is a fix build, this mostly contains fixes as a pose to 'new stuff' but I hope you like it non-the-less. Download Police Pursuit Mod 7.5d
  23. yeah this issue has been an on-going one for some time. Attempted to fix it many times , it works for awhile then broken by time it gets to public lol. Not a clue why! I'll eventually fix it!
  24. Is that as soon as the game starts? or after playing for awhile?
  25. Also you're using an old version of the mod, so may wanna upgrade.