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  1. I would prefer the bugs be fixed before the suggestions be implemented, would you? If your offended by such a statement then lock the boards as 'we have no idea what it takes'.
  2. It sounds to me we would be better off just exporting the vehicles and weapons, rather than converting the mod. Pack it all into the mod installer, check an option to exclude the models if the user has EFLC already, and boom; we all win.
  3. Er yea, first things first: FIX THE BUGS! 1) Ability to call backup to follow you to the station whilst transporting. - the 'guys who shoot the crap out of you' mainly 2) Ability to have more than 1 partner, and to allow your partner to share some of the guns you buy. 3) Ability to call SWAT seperately 4) Allow an ambulance to come not during a mission (say you hit somebody or somebody else does, call an ambulance and it would do regular routine healing people) 5) More cops assist. - Im in a pursuit, and most cops will just do a half asses attempt to chase. In the real world, they would put their lights on and follow. 6) Call for roadblocks or spike strip team 7) REVAMP the skin selection. Im tired of trying to find one skin and getting EVERY OTHER skin like 100 times before i find the one i want. - A really good idea is to have the skin selection on a menu, for you and your partner. 8) Ability to buy armor at the weapons menu 9) Toggle the 'mission lock (ability to choose a specific mission)' from the menu. Would be awesome 10) Make the 'stop lights' work. I pull somebody over and all the mad drivers of NY are driving over me and around me and causing ruckus. 11) If you dont fancy adding another partner, allow other cops to come in your car. - They dont act like a partner would, they just carpool with you or something, i dunno. 12) REVAMP some of these missions. People standing in the middle of the street, for example. 13) Get rid of the Poison mission. Yes it makes sense, but there isnt a disorder where you grow an M4 out of your ass and start shooting cops with it. 14) Gang activity should be creative. Do the native GTA 4 vigalante mission to get what i mean. Have them not standing in the middle of the street. Thats not what gangs do usually. 15) Have a gang 'war'. Two gangs are hostile to each other and you have to eliminate ALL opposition. 16) I stated elsewhere, but gang members (after you arrest somebody) shouldnt appear on some missions, they just dont make sense all the time. Usually gangsters are with their leaders, except in some circumstances :) - They also shouldnt shoot out the window if you dont set your own cops to do that. Not fair :( 17) More police stations to drop off criminals. I do like seeing people get booked but i dont want to drive all the way there. 18) Make the helicopters yell at people like they do when they chase you 19) This is personal preference, but you should allow us to choose with shotgun to use. I like the single shot shotgun, because thats more or less what regular officers would use. - Adding both to selection, in addition to the AK47/M4 variant, would be the best of both worlds. 20) Guns dont go away when you switch skins (i always switch my skin when my guys back is bloody, looks bad) Just some food (feast if you will) for though
  4. I agree with mulitple partners. However i see one problem. If your vehicle is full, how will you arrest people? Unless it automaticly calls for prisoner transport. :/
  5. Ive experienced quite a few bugs and i thought these were obivous, guess not. [Traffic stop] Sometimes the vehicle behind me gets targeted and then the routine goes. - If i tell somebody to get out, and then tell them they have to come with me (NOT asking for ID), they get in my car and the 'mission' ends. - Traffic mode is turned off and i start getting calls (usually a Suspicious vehicle in the area). As soon as i get in my police car the prisoner screams like you jacked the car and gets out once you stop [Normal] I arrive at scene and the prisoner is already surrendered, but the game acts as if the person was a suspect. - they get in my car as an arrested person would, but all the other cops shoot at them, and theres no blip to take the prisoner too. The "YOU GOT HIT THING" is very screwed up, it should be removed - You get shot and your guy just stands there, only to take more bullets. I could have easily lived by doing some dives if i wasent stuck standing up eating bullets - Possible fix is to make that optional Helicopters suck. they crash into buildings and once the suspect is arrested, the guys fall out on to the road and walk away. - The prisoner transport guy is retarded, he will get stuck driving into wall and will just keep trying to go through it. And due to the random event where the guys with mac 10s come around, it should be a NOOSE van or at least another cop in it. - Just to clarify, the cop car should be a van for protection. - Sometimes the guys with guns just park in the road and dont do anything. (if i complete the mission before they show up) - They will never move, and when i shoot them, they pussy out and run away. - The mod will just stop. - The game does not crash, but any mod-related function does not work. The team-neo logo disappears, no hotkeys work, and regular police come after me. - Its like the game was started without the mod, but with me in a cop skin and my partner following me doing nothing else. Besides the bolded one, the prisoner automatically surrendering is the most troublesome, as i have to F9 the mission. If the cops manage to kill the prisoner, it says "Prisoner died while in custody."
  6. When scrolling through your cars, (numpad 7 trying to find a good one), it shouldnt deduct money for each car. :< 1) Save your GUNS! When you switch skins or go off duty/back on duty, you should be able to keep your police issued weapons. 2) Police-wide upgrades: Buy weapons for your partner, pick which guns cops carry by default (make it pricey so you have to work for it) 3) Moar partners! This would come in so much handy to me 4) Add bulletproof vest to gun menu. 5) In-game customization of missions. (i dont want to play just one mission, change the id, restart, etc) 6) I still like to play as little things :< (tollbooth operator, other small things like that) 7) GET RID OF "IVE BEEN HIT" I cannot stress #7 any more. I cannot tell you how many times i died just BECAUSE of that. All you do is stand there and get shot even more. Ive died numerous times on my way to cover that i could have easily lived without that thing.
  7. 1) Game crashes when you get close to robbery missions 2) suspicious person and robberies happen in the weirdest of places (suspicious man with gun was once on a highway and a car killed him 3) There are WAY TOO MANY armored trucks driving around 4) Prisoner escort is too far away and takes forever to get to where you are. 5) Able to go into negative funds using your salary (phew, i dont have to memory edit :)) 6) If you spawn too many helicopters at once they crash into each other and blow up :( 7) I just randomly start POLE DANCING on the side of the road and cannot stop it until its finished. I also get unexplainable crashes every now and then. I really want to stress #8,2
  8. I've said this another time, but boring missions should have a switch to have them show up or not :P.
  9. I like it. As for some more boring ideas, there should be an option in the conf to disable such "not as exciting" missions, since its a controversial thing (i myself requested some, as may see, boring aspects).
  10. Agreed. I usually make car accidents (due to the lack of) and secure the zone! People like to run over injured individuals.
  11. mmhm :( I've always wanted to be a cop in the hood, ever since i played GTA:SA the first time (about 45 minutes into the story).
  12. For your #5 OP, you just shoot the suspect in the leg and they fall over; easy as that!
  13. What i mean by more cops help in is: I go through the city and see like 4-5 cop cars on patrol, but the most they do is shout on their horn at the suspect and they dont make an effort to chase the criminal, (they dont do anything at all practically). Thats a bit odd :P. Also, i think you should place the Gang Activity "npcs" in a better location. Most of the time they are all bunched up in one cell... When i get to the scene i usually just run them down, i usually kill a good 5 guys with that. ANOTHER: I think cops should sometimes use shotguns (with low ammo), and use their pistol when it runs out; Cops use shotguns with gang activity or situations involving heavy weaponry. I would love if you all saw my other topic located at: My Other Major Suggestion
  14. Hi {anderson :P}, I am feeling the nastalgia to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (and cause im on my stupid laptop). If you could, at some point, make a copy of Police Pursuit for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you would be a legend. Because i want this badly, and im sure others do, i am listing some things that should help you decide :P. - Many people would LOVE Police Pursuit, but they cannot run GTA 4 on their computer, or at good FPS. - Many people would love to be a cop in the Hood of Los Santos, or the Strip in Las Venturas. - There are no police mods (lets you be a cop and whatnot) for GTA:SA. Controlled monopoly! - (guessing) The game is older, so you should be able to do more functions with the scripting language. - For one thing, the controls of SA are better :P (DONT TURN THIS TOPIC INTO A GTA:SA VS GTA 4 THREAD!) - GTA:SA NEEDS some cops :P. You can kill all the cops with one pistol, whilst in GTA4... good luck :P Let me know your comments guys, espiecally Ne0_Anderson :)