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  1. as ELS V5 has just been released :) it is rather good to have ai els enabled police car, one problem from the police pursuit mod is that when i call for back up and back up arrives the front lights are flashing and that is just it is it possible for neo to anable the els on the other pursuing police cars? or is this just me being stupid and not configuring the els options correct >< go to gtapolicemods if you want ELS V5
  2. ummmm neo :\ .....can't wait to get on the new update epic mod <3 Forbidden You don't have permission to access /iv/7.5/PolicePursuitModBeta7.5b.exe on this server. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apache/2.2.15 (Fedora) Server at mods.team-neo.com Port 80
  3. neo, there is a problem for me, when i try to download the latest patch from the home page it says the link is broken :| helppppppppp???
  4. Neo i found all these, there arent any links atm on some of them but we can just stare and wait http://gtapolicemods.com/photogallery.php?photo_id=1554 http://gtapolicemods.com/photogallery.php?photo_id=1735 (sought of like the british jacket) http://gtapolicemods.com/photogallery.php?...&c_start=10 http://gtapolicemods.com/photogallery.php?photo_id=1577
  5. If any one else is troubled by the fact that there are not many british police cars for gta 4 does any one have any skins, links etc... it would also be extremly appreciated if any one had a british police uniform? or could make one? yes i do like all the american cars but as a english man i miss seeing a british car in game i already do have the metropolitan landrover but its just not enough if any one has anything to share it would be greatly appreciated by me and im guessing many others cheers