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  1. So I have to install xliveless, and then thereafter install 100% Savegame file in Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA IV/Save ??
  2. Yup.. I have the same exact problem, and I just dunno why it happens. But as Zachary mentioned, use V instead as it is also Camera toggle, and it doesn't make the game crash.
  3. But just to ask, are both of these bugs gonna be fixed?
  4. I like that you only start with a gun.. But I think you should be able to click NUM 6, and then u like get 'teleported' where you can see your character and browse through different uniforms, and then save it for the next time you get on. Just like SA:MP. If you can advance it even more, then make you able to choose between Hats, Jackets etc. And Niko should look like the same all the time off duty. It should also be like when you click NUM 7, there will come just a little transparent list with the names of the vehicles, where you just have to click the number and that car will spawn. There should be some new police vehicle skins as a individual download not included with the mod. You should also be able to click some button (ex. F4) that will bring the commands up in upper left corner, in case you should forget what the NUMPAD numbers does.. Much easier than clicking ALT + TAB to see the configs outside the game. Prisoner Transport (F10) should be armored van, like SNOOSE van...
  5. Hey. I think you guys should remove the 'Driving Against Traffic' when you are responding to mission. You can't help you're getting in the other lane, and it is deducting to much points! It is okay with the 'Hit Someone' and 'Car Collision'. But with the Driving Against Traffic too, it is very hard to get in a good level with not to much deducting points. It is great you have removed the 'Ran Red Light' in responding mode, but I think you should remove the 'Drive Against Traffic' too. :-)
  6. Not to be a jerk, but I am experiencing the same problem. I have mod 7.5c, with GTA 4 v. and it most often occurs when I am driving and I am NOT responding to any criminals or missions, (but still on duty) and if I then start shooting at some innocent people, even though they started without getting 'criminals', then I get wanted and the HUD disappears. The police doesn't shoot me, they just keep coming in more and more cars, but as I keep shooting them I get more wanted stars and they just keep coming with SNOOSE and officers, who doesn't do anything. By the way, none of my buttons work, includes F9, F3, NP 0, NP 3, NP 4 etc. etc.
  7. When I download the 100% Savegame Vista, it saves there automatically! (Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA IV > Save) So I do not understand why it won't work...
  8. WHAT TO DO IF YOU'R POLICECHATTER ISN'T WORKING: Hello everyone, if you experience that your Police Radio Chatter (PRC) ain't working, you can do some different stuff to try and fix this. 1: First of all, go to your 'Documents > Rockstar Games > User Music' and see if there are these 3 files: 234689, 234690 and 234691. *If they are there, just go ahead and enter your GTA 4 game, go under 'Options > Audio' and put your independence FM to sequential OR shuffle (I recommend shuffle, so it will play the Radio Chatter randomly), go to the bottom and click 'Complete Scan' (remember this last part!), and then it should work. If it still doesn't work, try to go under your 'Documents > Rockstar Games > User Music' and try to rename the 3 music files called: 234689, 234690 and 234691, to something else like PRC 1, 2 and 3. 2: In case you DONT have these 3 music files under your Documents, go to: http://mods.team-neo.com/iv/ , download the mod in the right side of the website, browse the installation to your desktop as I guess you already have the mod installed, then delete all files installed to the desktop, go under 'Documents > Rockstar Games > User Music' and see if the 3 files are there now. If they are, follow the instruction above from the star (*) [REMOVED] I hope this can help everyone. [MOD EDIT] You're not allowd to publish any files of this mod. [/MOD EDIT]
  9. Hey everyone. I just installed the 100% savegame for vista, now I have windows 7, but hoped that the vista would work.. So I installed it and everything, but it doesn't work. Can anyone help me, or is it just because it doesn't work with windows 7?? Thank you very much! EDIT: I have tried to uninstall 100% savegame, but it won't even let me do that.. If anyone can help me with this one too, please tell me.
  10. How can I check which game version I have? I also went under the ScriptHook NoteBlock and it said this: Log start: Sat Dec 25 19:32:54 2010 ----------------------------------------------- [iNFO] GTA IV Script Hook 0.5.1 - © 2009, Aru - Initialized [iNFO] Process base address: 0x1110000 [iNFO] Auto detecting game version [FATAL] Failed to detect game version So I guess it can't detect my game version... what can I do to fix this? EDIT: nevermind, I fixed it. you can just delete this reply.