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    Your house, eating your socks :D
  1. I have been vacationing/visiting relatives in florida for about 2 months, and data roaming charges are way to high, that is why i have not been online in forever. Also, i recently broke my laptop. It being the only computer that can handle GTA IV/ EFLC that I have, so I wont be much help, though I will still try :P
  2. Are you talking about the kb/mb under the graphics tab of the menu? This is actually graphics memory (not ram, but video memory). Sorry for my inactivity, I am still on vacation, just accessing the site through my phone. I wont be doing it often though as data roaming charges are insane.
  3. This is the problem. (At least it was what past experiences have found).
  4. No offence, but how old are you?
  5. I must say, a guy with a bazooka does win priority over a prostitute or drug sales xD
  6. It's not a bad idea, though I like R*s police missions (mainly the gang ones); when I'm waiting for a gang mission, I can just do one of their's.
  7. tl;dr
  8. They are already mods for this which most likely won't conflict with this mod.
  9. My thoughts/comments are in gold.
  10. Also, with a wide variety of cars out there, most people have their own personal choices for which cars they want. Forcing users like myself to have to change the cars back is an inconvenience.
  11. It's fancy, thats for sure.
  12. My assumption: It's simply a timer that is running as long as you are on duty. This timer constantly sets your wanted level to 0 every millisecond.
  13. I was thinking the same thing! Only thing is, I thought he was saying realize and just made a typo (as I always do), so this one wasn't the tip of the iceberg for me, but now you pointed it out... Honestly, it's being way too overused...