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  1. You want to mod your game, but you've installed the most recent patch, which, within the patch, Rockstar included anti-moding elements? All you have to do is downgrade your game, and the .asi loaders will work just fine! Method 1: This is the most preferred method, most less-likely-to-destroy-your-game-and-turn-it-into-a-fireball-visible-from-space, though the most time consuming. Save saved games to desktop (in case you screw up whilst installing) along with .asi files for mods and any other thing you can just drag and drop to "install", including certain .asi loaders Uninstall Gta IV(click no for erasing saved games etc.) Reinstall Gta IV Download Patch Install the patch (by running it) "Install" (drag and drop) mods Install .asi loader Copy save games to your "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames" folder Delete saved save games on your desktop Go play. Method 2: To attempt a classic downgrade just install the patch (run it (double click on it)) you want to downgrade to. The most preferred patch would be the patch. This is the exact same thing as updating, but you are running a patch from a previous version. Download Patch Backup save games to desktop (copy to desktop) Install the patch (by running it) Copy save games to your "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames" folder Delete saved games from desktop if not needed Go play. This method is much more glichy and may cause menu labels to dissipear and corrupt files, among other things. Also, if choosing this method, it is advised that you have already completed the game to prevent most story mode file corruptions from affecting you. Method 3 This is for those of you who want to use the mod on EFLC1 or patch Save saved games to desktop (in case you screw up whilst installing) along with .asi files for mods and any other thing you can just drag and drop to "install", including certain .asi loaders Uninstall Gta IV(click no for erasing saved games etc.) Reinstall Gta IV Download Patch Install the patch (by running it) "Install" (drag and drop) mods Install this .asi loader2 and this scripthook2 Copy save games to your For GTA IV: "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames" folder For EFLC: "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames" (Note how it is the same location). Delete saved save games on your desktop Go play. If you have any ideas/questions regarding this, please post :D Save games are: With xliveless: Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames Without: AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV)\savegames _____________________________ 1 This mod is not meant to be used with EFLC, so bugs and glitches may occur. 2 Thanks to Marsmillo for the info and links
  2. I've done some 'research' (gameplay) with PPM and EFLC (only TBOGT so far), and came to the conclusion that it works! Only problem is I haven't had a VIP mission or Man/Woman with gun mission, so it (the mission/job) might be bugged (though I highly doubt it). I have done atleast one of each of the others and they seem to work exceptionally. My request is (as huge that it may be) for Anderson to 'get' EFLC, and force the two missions I haven't played yet. Then, to try and make the GTA IV version less buggy (or near perfect), drop it and switch to EFLC. I know this is a huge request (mainly the second one), but in my opinion, unless you have huge morals, anyone can get EFLC and install it, and with the capabilities and resources of EFLC (mainly TBOGT), this mod can improve and advance at a much faster pace. The main reason I think you should make the switch is the possibilities. You are using GTA IV to around its limits, whereas EFLC (Be it TBOGT or TLAD) has more vehicles, more weapons and, more opportunities1. 1Gang fights have been pre-coded (you may be able to use Rockstar's codes to improve yours2) 1Parachutes, could help you work on your "air support" idea. 1APC and buzzard as Extreme Measures of Backup 1The 'improved' weapons (Sticky bombs!) 1Police Motor Bikes along with the many models of limos for escorts/VIP transport This is probably asking a lot of you, but maybe you could see how it goes. Maybe see if it will be more difficult to code? __________________________ 2I have no idea what coding this game/mod is like, so me saying this is an assumption.
  3. I have been vacationing/visiting relatives in florida for about 2 months, and data roaming charges are way to high, that is why i have not been online in forever. Also, i recently broke my laptop. It being the only computer that can handle GTA IV/ EFLC that I have, so I wont be much help, though I will still try :P
  4. Are you talking about the kb/mb under the graphics tab of the menu? This is actually graphics memory (not ram, but video memory). Sorry for my inactivity, I am still on vacation, just accessing the site through my phone. I wont be doing it often though as data roaming charges are insane.
  5. I have a few bugs. The first is when the suspect gets on home turf. If you kill the initial suspect, the mission ends. You can call infinite transports. Medics sometimes arn't deletable (F9) (more info on this when I can reproduce it).
  6. This is the problem. (At least it was what past experiences have found).
  7. No offence, but how old are you?
  8. I must say, a guy with a bazooka does win priority over a prostitute or drug sales xD
  9. It's not a bad idea, though I like R*s police missions (mainly the gang ones); when I'm waiting for a gang mission, I can just do one of their's.
  10. tl;dr
  11. They are already mods for this which most likely won't conflict with this mod.
  12. My thoughts/comments are in gold.
  13. Also, with a wide variety of cars out there, most people have their own personal choices for which cars they want. Forcing users like myself to have to change the cars back is an inconvenience.
  14. It's fancy, thats for sure.
  15. My assumption: It's simply a timer that is running as long as you are on duty. This timer constantly sets your wanted level to 0 every millisecond.
  16. I was thinking the same thing! Only thing is, I thought he was saying realize and just made a typo (as I always do), so this one wasn't the tip of the iceberg for me, but now you pointed it out... Honestly, it's being way too overused...
  17. Any reason as to why I see this every time (on the forum)? I trust that the Team NeO forums are safe. Also my antivirus hasn't detected anything; this is just for those you aren't as trusting as me. It's also an inconvenience. Edit" Opps, forgot to upload a photo...
  18. It only seemed to be occurring that day... Anyways, I use Google Chrome, just so you know. To "recap", it's no longer happening, who knows what caused it. This is Lockable.
  19. When you are working on fixing it, would you mind speeding it up a bit? I think the speed on streets is kinda slow, so they could be picked up, but just a bit (like up to 30-40 mph). On highways, I would like to ask if you could bring up the speed to normal GTA highway speed. Also it seems no vehicles are on the route to the highway, could this be changed (assuming you chose to do this).
  20. Yup, It's because of the traffic (though you probably already know this). Is there a way to just have the SWAT truck "plow" through the traffic as if it weren't there?
  21. It's not very compatible atm. Paramedic Mod is kinda temporarily abandoned.
  22. I forgot to click upload on the photo... Edited Original Post.
  23. It is most likely not. Are you using any custom car models? DO you have any mods that may interfere with the traffic stop? Do you have any other mods that may not interfere? Basically, list all custom car models and .asi mods.