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  1. i would use that wat i use and it works perfectly.
  2. just thought of a pretty cool idea. you know how when u perform a traffic stop and u ask the person to see their ID. well it would be cool if you could be able to type their license plate number while in your car or just press a button like F6 or something a it checks if there valid or revoked.
  3. No there are many other cars with the light bar on top. another example the NJSP car, port authority car. a lot of downloadable vehicles have the light bar so i think more lights would be cool because it would be like ELS mod
  4. go to OPTIONS -> AUDIO -> And change Independence FM to Shuffle. Also Do a full Scan in OPTIONS -> AUDIO ->. This will scan for the police scanner audio files. It worked for me...hope this helps
  5. i downloaded the para mod and when i get in the ambulance it has the police missions. how do you play paramedic missions???
  6. i also suggest to relax on the suspicious car/vehicle failing to stop
  7. -ability to talk to dispatch -( u prob cant do this) run radar where you can park off the rode and the speed of passing vehicles shows up on the screen. - if you can do something with the in game police computer and make it better. - if you can pick different combos of uniform styles - more selections of police cars( i know you can download them but its too complicated to do and also for people who do not know how to such as me)