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  1. Hi , i would like to inform you that i have installed GTA IV and patched with , after that i installed Police Pursuit Mod latest version from your website , i denied to install the dsound.dll because i have xlive ( i don't know really which works , but i tried both alone to start ) when i use only the Dsound the error pop-up with a FATAL blah blah blah . i just removed dsound and used the xlive , now i dont see any error or anything , i just hit launch gta iv nothing comes up even a error . NOTHING............ need help urgently i can't upload the screenshot of my GTA IV ROOT FOLDER ( comes error during upload :"Error The server returned an error during upload" )
  2. if nico wear cop dress , it would be so nice.
  3. yes. it will.
  4. hi everyone , i hope my little mind will helpful or like to everyone who use the PPM. my Idea is checking the Vehicles , i mean when we pull over a vehicle , we already have a option to step out the drive from vehicle and asking for ID , after that we need a Option to check the vehicles TRUNK . (we can see it on TRUE CRIME N Y PC GAME) when we check the trunk , if there is any weapons or drugs we easily could help the city from burning. also we can arrest him/her. i hope everyone would like this IDEA. :)
  5. download 100% save game setup File and Install it to any drive which u want to. your game will start as "LOADING STORY COMPLETED" download it from http://mods.team-neo.com/ccount/click.php?id=16.
  6. hello everyone , i just have an Idea for PPM . we have already the Options to check the peoples ID card while on foot but its works rarely. most peoples ran aways and making noise . so we need for next version we can ask every peoples ID and body check of everyone , there no need feature , only we can check someone who just free in streets . we need to check every and every peoples in cities . Body check means there would be drugs or weapons inside of his\her dresses. then we can arrest them . hope everyone like this. Thanks
  7. Create yourself.
  8. mosly works without any problems , it might be vehicles which has ELS enabled.
  9. yes you can. i hope your bug fixed.
  10. Ok , first you need to get PPM (Police Pursuit Mod 7.5d) ok u got it . then you should download GTAIV_1.0.6.0_Patch its about 104 MB of size and Install it . if you still have problem with these components , try to Reinstall or Repair GTA IV game. you bug will fixed . PPM 7.5d most bug fixed Mod.
  11. [bETA 7.6] Added new mission: Hostage Situation. Thank you so much NeO Anderson . sounds really good . :)
  12. I also lose my Vehicle aswel i was on foot for Suspect.
  13. I swear , today i Requested for EMS and they arrived close to me , there was my partner cop got shot by gang member. but after they stepped out from vehicle they walked away , they didn't came to me or to my partner , they just leave the PARAMEDIC Vehicle and walked away. :wacko:
  14. I Really Like this IDEA is awesome...i love your IDEA , hope these IDEA will come up in Next Version of PM. can't wait !!!
  15. lol that was really cool about ELF. haha