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  1. I also love the idea, that's why I made the idea :') I hope it'll be added (as far as I know, it hasn't been added yet)
  2. Guys, did you press NUMPAD 4 yet then? That enables/disables the traffic stop? It works fine for me.
  3. Ain't that "disabled". I've already taken a look into the file. ForceMission=3 // 0 = disabled, 1-10 = mission ids. See http://mods.team-neo.com/iv/missionids.html for a list. Or did I misunderstood it? I thought with "ForceMission" was meant: Force doing a mission, and mission (ID). 0 means no auto mission. Now I'm thinking different, is it then that it means: Force always this mission ? p.s. It says 1-10 , but it's default 12...
  4. Do you have a legal or an illegal version of the game? If it's illegal (or atleast cracked) it could f*ck up the game after patching.
  5. @Bobby: Indeed :'( - That's not nice because it's a very cool mod. However, I can also confirm this. When I press '[', it's ALWAYS that vehicle theft, and otherwise always suspicious vehicle. And I have another bug: When I let stop a vehicle, and when I say "You have to come with me" (YOU ARE UNDER ARREST), he just go walk like a normal citizen -.-
  6. Try patching your game. http://www.policemod.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=785 I know the title isn't good, but it might work. Just give it a try.
  7. Yes, I've played Rainbow Six , but also SWAT 4 :P http://www.youtube.com/?v=r7kMgAf3Yyc (Video made by me :/) However, in GTA IV 'normal' single player, the cops follows the suspect too, instead of shooting. So maybe, when you shoot a suspect that didn't shoot yet and only runs, you get minus points?
  8. Yes! :D
  9. You must give yourself write access to your GTA IV directory. Just make yourself owner of it ;)
  10. I see what's wrong ( that picture ). Are you the administrator of the computer? If yes; Make the whole GTA IV directory writable. If not, ask the computer manager to give you the permissions to write files. "Cannot create file...". It means that you only have read/execute rights ;)
  11. Hi, The original file has been replaced ;) It's the "GTA IV DIR\pc\textures\loadingscreens.wtd" Try finding the original file on internet. Maybe this one: http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-iv/misc-mods/2338 Regards, Kevin
  12. Okay ;) By the way if you wanna use this one; It's updated. TEST URL: http://rpdsamp.nl/other/policemod/ex_layout.php (Added: Menu) SCRIPT: http://kwarde.pastebin.com/tf9qkrKw
  13. Hi. I have another nice idea :D With going on/off duty, the ability to have the following function names: LCPD FIB NOOSE The LCPD'll just patroul and go on small pursuits, like backup requests or going after suspucious suspects, grand theft auto ETC. The FIB will go to the bit bigger missions; People with guns, people that attacks/threats other players etc The NOOSE will go to the big missions. The hostage situations (will be in BETA 7.6, I'd read the whole "Developers Blog" (actually it's a "changelog")), and that thing with the gangster attack (arround 10 people that shoots). Well, that's the "OnDuty Type". Now the Rules of engagement This means, what you may do with your gun. If someone'd only ignore stop-sign, you may not shoot for example. "Rules": * Infiltrate / Return fire only : You may only shoot if someone else shoots ("Return fire only", "Switch to infiltrate") * Assault : You may shoot any suspect ("You are weapons free", "Clear to engage", "Kill them all") With Assault you may kill just everyone. With infiltrate, there are three sub-'rules': 1) (Deadly) force not authorized : Forbidden 2) Force authorized 3) Deadly force authorized About 1: You may NOT shoot, 2: You may shoot to intimidate, but don't kill! (if someone runs away and won't stop. Then you may shoot after a while), 3: Kill authorized This is how it works: Standard, it's "infiltrate" on "1". So when you go on a mission you may NOT shoot. If the suspect's driving/running away, and if he won't surrender (give him for example 3 minutes), you may shoot to intimidate him. If the suspect's aiming/shooting at you / a citizen, deadly force's authorized. Nice or not? :D - Kevin
  14. I know, but sometimes after a bug, the text'll remain there (BUG). So idea 6 actually a bit a kind of a debug 'function'. Just remove ANY texts etc. Regards, Kevin
  15. <Snip> Watch the language please ~ ZioN - Kwarde (me): Okay, sorry ;) I'd make a long post, I click on 'Add Reply', logged out S:. Now I have to type it again. However, Try removing GTA IV first, with the whole directory (custom dll plugins ed). (so remove your GTA IV folder after uninstalling GTA IV). Then, install it again :S. Go to my topic, there is a download link with all the patches (7 versions. to Install them all on the right order (read README.txt). Topic: http://www.policemod.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=785 After doing that, install the PPM mod. Do not ASI loader's yet! After the clean GTA IV installation + the 7 patches, install it, the non[X] version!! (newest scripthook). It should work now! Don't forget to make a backup of your savegames, if something goes wrong! In windows XP, it's located in "Documents And Settings". In above versions it's in appdata. Use the following location to go to it (Rockstar Games map): %appdata%\..\local\Rockstar Games\. Copy that location to your windows explorer navigation bar. - Kevin