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  1. as most know its a decade since the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre, Pentagon and Shanksville in Pennsylvania I've just started this so people can place tibutes and thanks to all of the extremely brave men and women of the FDNY, PAPD of NJ&NY and the NYPD as well as civilians that tried to help a big thank you to the 341 firefighters killed 2 paramedics killed 23 NYPD officers killed 37 PAPD of NJ&NY and the 8 EMTs and paramedics from private emergency medical services who all lost there lives to save anoter and my heart goes to any on this site who lost someone they knew in these attacks and to all the 2,977 people who lost there lives on what was an event which literally shook the world Thank You and God Bless America, Venture :) (This is for tributes and thanks only please keep it polite and peaceful and dont turn it into a conspiricy debate or "Glad Osama Bin Laden is dead" topic)
  2. The first suggestion i have is to give your back up units variation of weapons so the normal units have a pistol and shotgun or pistol and m4 The SWAT backup can have a variation of m4x2,mp5 and shotgun or m4x2 and mp5x2 Another suggestion is to make Unit 9 (Partner) act more like the ingame cops not just stand there and get shot or get in the way Also have a kind of repair character where the blood dissapeares i hate the fact that after a gun fight i have to change models because my cop is walking around all red which is strange and spend the next 10 mins trying to find the right model. Also make some sort of order for the car spawning so it starts with police then police2 then noose patriot then noose cruiser then noose stockade and finally police stockade
  3. when you get the terrorist activity call it should be a specific locations that terrorists would target E.G. . Star junction . Francis International Airport . Alderney State Correctional facility . Both Enterable Hospitals ect ect also i think that there should be more than 1 terrorist maybe 2 or 3 I think there should be 3 varients of gang activity: . Gang War 2 rival gangs fighting each other between 10-15 people per gang . Gang Stakeout a gang between 10-15 people are trying to free (from police custody) or avenge (the murder by another gang or person) a fellow gang member and you have to stop them . The Current Gang Activity maybe change the locations of where they spawn instead of any random place (Once on my game they apperared on the highway bridge in alderney) to any of the maps council estates like the enterable one that is the location for one of the games most wanted missions (On the map the buildings appear as crosses) also make them move around more instead of just standing there My first new mission idea is Arresting a Wanted Suspect . The suspoect would be one of the main characters that is on the police computer (Packie/Faustin/Little Jacob ect ect) . you have to bring the suspect into custody before they reach their terroritory when over 20 members start to protect the main suspect . you HAVE TO BRING THE SUSPECT INTO CUSTODY if you kill the main suspect you fail the mission My second mission is a varient of the VIP Escort mission, Witness protection there are 2 other sub-varients: . Witness protection-Transfer to Court House (The Gouldberg lawyer firm building) . A Gang tries to kill the suspect . you are driving the car with the witness there are 4 (2 front-2 back) swat units protecting you . you have to get the witness safely to the court house then deal with the gang . If the witness dies mission failed . Witness protection-Protecting Witnesses Home . A gang try to kill the witness . The house that would be used are any of the safe houses that you get throughout the game . There are two police (you being 1) armed with M4s outside the doors of the witnesses house and four units(in Fib Buffalos)parked on the opposite side of the house . you have to protect the witness . if the witness dies mission failede I hope you will take my ideas into considiration and as usual post any improvement or what you think of the ideas
  4. there is a posted topic on this in the general chat about the mod area it is pinned so its the topic at the top if it doesnt work you may have to live with Andersons light flash patterns
  5. i think what he means is one of those trucks with the giant metal cylinders with liquids in them eg neuclear wast however there are no models to my knowledge of this design so it would proberly be a lorry of some description is this what you mean or somthing similar
  6. hi again as the title states its only minor but to add more realism maybe you could add the dispatchers voice for missions starts so you accept a mission the dispatcher says something related to the mission type for example the terrorist activity (By the way what i write next is what the dispatcher says when you fire a rocket launcher at cops) "All unit respond to terrorist activity on such a street(Bismark avn, BOABO ect) in such a district(Bohan, Alderney ect) and the same for when an officer is killed "All units respond to an officer down" As usual hope for a reply to whether this is possible and/or any improvements
  7. thanks for trying
  8. i guessed im sure there are better suggestions and/or bugs that need fixing
  9. yet another suggestion well i find that for every model you use the skinney black cops voice is used so i think that the voices of the models your able to choose from should be put in so if your the fat white cop model then the fat white cops voice should be used same for hispanic skinney cop state police etc etc please post if this is possible
  10. when you want to force more than 1 type of mission what would you put in the ini file example i want 2 10 and 3 how would i type that up in the ini file would i put spaces, hyphons, commas or pluses or could i only force one mission at a time
  11. its just what ive seen i was obivously mistaken i would also like to add that the backup units are not just the skinny cops but can also be the fat cops and state troopers
  12. ive noticed that unit nine dosent have the state trooper or noose unit as a choice option and i think they should also like to add how quiet the forums have been and yes everybody has a life of their own and cant devote 24/7 to the site but its been like this for a month and a half
  13. could you reduce the distances of the crimes so all the crimes you respond to will be on the island your on istead of a different island
  14. in the vehicle selection (numpad 8) i think you should include the police maverick and annihilator also the police preadator and since the firemen, paramedics and security gaurds are avaliable maybe include the ambulance firetruk and any security vehicles that are in the game (only ones i can think of are the Feroci 2 and Perinnial 2 that are at the airport) also make the police stockade and noose stockade avaliable and possibly the prison bus,APC police stinger and police bike on TBoGT
  15. would it be possible to use the spike model as a template out of GTA Vice City?