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  1. help anyone i need help with modding i downloaded almost everything some people say my gta 4 is not compatible with mods, but i really really want mods, and today asap. idk what to do.HELP! i'd appreciate it if you guys wrote step 1 download this and do this or that with it, in order of what i should download first and last, and what to do in the games. help asap. email is denzy1806@gmail.com if that helps
  2. I have google chrome usually when something downloads it appears at the bottom of the browser, when i download the ppm it goes to the bottom of the browser and disappears, when i go to downloads to open it, it seems clickable and accesable but it wont open
  3. please take the time to read this. Yesterday i first tried using mods, but no success what so ever. I Tried many times to download the pursuit mod. i already downloaded the patch i think i did it correctly, it took me through a setup and stuff. what else programs do i need to install or download before or after i download the police pursuit mod. Also i tried to download the police pursuit mod, in google chrome: it didnt let me open the file or run it. in internet explorer: i opened started to run, when it finished it disappeared, it didnt go through the set up process that i saw on youtube. Please dont send me links to other questions because i dont understand any of some questions, unless you think its easily understood, and youtube doesnt even help. Please send me links of things i need to install or download. And tell me where to save it, either in the gta 4 file or anywhere.
  4. How do you mod things from the direction in the download area of this site i dont understand, where to download the patch and what else to download and what to do
  5. I just watched videos on youtube about gta 4 mods. can anyone help me step by step of how to mod, like even the basics, where to download each file (what folder ...) also i downloaded mirar because thats the only way i can open spark iv. should i just delete mirar and spark iv because i seen people use patch what that is).? PLEASE HELP ME!ASAP1 i want to use a mod police car today.