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  1. Step out of your car, seek cover quickly and kill them.
  2. It would be extremely nice to have an entry in the cfg ;) Like set it to 1 to have everyone escape, 0.5 for 50%, 0.1 for to 10%, 0 to have everybody stop and so on.
  3. Good Idea, it'd be nice if that would be possible.
  4. If i'm not completely wrong, the road block is one object together with the bridge, which gets exchanged with the open bridge as the story progresses. SO I don't think thats possible. What would be possible though, are the roadblocks made by cars in police chases, though it would be hard to code them to be on a perfect spot to block the coming car.
  5. In the mission VIP-Transport, it should also spawn a Police Stockade, instead of the gruppe6 Stockade (which is a money transporter).
  6. Hello! I think that PPM could integrate the Stockade more. I thought it could be like this: - Calling Backup: Instead of having one "call backup"-key (F3), you should have 2, let's say F3 for a regular copcar, with cops in it and another key to call a NOOSE-Stockade with 4 NOOSE people in it, which should carry M4 or MP5. This way we could integrate the vehicle into the mod and have more variety concerning missions. You would call a regular backup copcar for a pursuit for example, and the stockade for gang activity (or any other possible mission that might be added which is a bit harder) - Requesting Prisoner Transport - Instead of having a stupid copcar, which rams you each time it arrives (it would be nice if that could be fixed), It'd be pretty awesome to have a police stockade arrive, which could drive away your prisoners. - Vehicle Selection - I think It would be nice to have them spawn too with Num 4, although it is not necessary, since the stockade is pretty useless when it comes to chasing suspects. Thanks for reading ;)
  7. Since I don't like the Police radio that comes with the mod, because it is a bit unreal, I'd love to be able to turn it off, to hear the real NYPD radio stream in the background. I uploaded the stream for those of you who want to hear it ;) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20303818/NYPD.m3u (You might need to wait a bit until someone talks) Being able to turn the radio off would be really nice, since it's not possible to integrate a internet stream into Independance FM and you need to leave it running in the background.
  8. Seems to be a common problem in 7.6 - I wouldn't worry too much about it though, since stats don't do anything just yet. I have it too btw.
  9. I think it would be pretty cool if you could have multiple options for the stoplight integrating control over the indicators (blinkers), like: Numpad 5: Press once : Indicators only Press twice : Indicators + Stoplight Press three times : Stoplight only Press four times : Off That would be a pretty cool feature if you are parking somewhere in a no-parking zone or just pulling over traffic (which funnily enough always likes to stop in the middle of the street)