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  1. Yes I have latest version, but it I am idle for more than a second it does it randomly.
  2. I think the tying shoe thing needs to go. To often I am in the middle of an arrest or even about to pull out my gun and wait... I need to tie my shoe first. Oh man, I laugh and am yet frustrated at the same time.
  3. When making a routine traffic stop I walk up and tell him he's been speeding. During a real traffic stop they always check for ID no matter what right away. My only option in game to check for ID is I have to ask him to step out of the car. That's weird. Most officers don't like you to step out of the car. Then while Im trying to check ID he runs away and gets into the back of my car. So I have a suggestion. How about making the order like this. I walk up, I tell them what they did, I then have an option to check his ID while he sits in the car and then if it is invalid or something is suspicious I can then ticket or ask him to get out of the car for further inspection or arrest, or let him go. This would be the realistic way to do things. Is this a possibility? Also, it would seem there are far to many invalid or expired license. Thanks
  4. Okay I think we are understanding each other now lol. Yeah its weird. I will give you an example. Nothing is going on and I am just driving up to a stop light. The car next to me or even in front of me sometimes all of the sudden a red arrow appears above it (Which is normal)and then the call goes out that we have a stolen vehicle. The driver next to me or in front of me then speeds off. After chasing and arresting him I drive back to the station. I pull out of the station and I get a call of suspicious activity or something like that and immediately the speeding car flies by me. I chase him and arrest him. Then back to the station. I pull out of the station and get another call and here comes a car crashing into me as if I was a magnet. He reverses and crashes again and again relentlessly. After about three of these missions where the city seems to only be as big as 20 feet around my car, it gets very annoying. I dont seem to have missions 10 blocks away anymore or that I have to drive to. They all just come straight to me now like a magnet. Whats the deal with that?
  5. Anderson thats not what I meant. I actually mean, I have noticed now that each new mission seems to be to close now. For example: "Respond to Car theft" immediately the car comes flying by and actually hits me in the rear sometimes. Or, "respond to suspicious activity" The car turns the corner coming right for me. Sometimes they even relentlessly keep crashing into me over and over. This gets very annoying and weird. Thats what I meant. I noticed this started happening in about 2 versions ago. I actually love the Y and N options. Great job on that. Oh and dont forget, the car full of mobsters unloading their machine guns on just about every time I finish drives me crazy and makes no sense haha. Is this a bug or made to be this way?
  6. Please get rid of the car of mobsters that pulls up after just about every mission shooting machine guns at me. So unrealistic and weird. Also, please make the new missions a little further away from me than the car right behind me or in front of me. I liked it better where I got a call and could go to it rather than the call always coming to me now. Its weird and unrealistic like that. Thanks. Keep up the good work. These are just a few things that you have added recently that make me miss the older versions. Thank.
  7. Every time I try to pull someone over they always hit the gas and floor it. Thats cool every once in a while, but every time is a bit much. I cant seem to just do a routine traffic stop anymore. They always run. Anyone else having this issue and can you guys fix this please?
  8. Well any reason Why the chatter wouldn't work all of the sudden, the stop lights wouldn't work, and there would be no speech just for this one and all the other versions work fine?
  9. Here's what i did: I downloaded the regular non X version which comes with and is only compatible with scripthook which is also only compatible with patch I have patch which will not work. I have patch because its the most stable so far and compatible with everything I have worked for and achieved with mods and add ons. The [x] version works and has always worked with patch with scripthook until now. So here in-lies my predicament because I cant install the regular version without installing a higher patch and the [x] version that is compatible with my setup doesn't seem to be working. I currently have patch and scripthook (0.3.0) and the previous mods worked fine with subtle crashes, but all the features worked in it until now. There's a problem with the [x] patch and all the things listed above still do not work.
  10. Still not working for me. There's no radio chatter, speech, visible stop lights, and flashing right to left headlights with the 7.5c[x] version you have here. Possibly you fixed the 7.5c version and not the 7.5c[x] version?
  11. Just downloaded the newest version of 7.5c[x] and still all those same problems are there. Didn't notice a difference. -The traffic stop lights are not visible in the rear window anymore still -The headlight do a strobe style flash, but no longer flash right to left on the ground like previous versions -There is no radio chatter anymore. I go to my options and Audio settings and it is there but not in the game. Whats the deal?
  12. Hey 7.5c[x] seems to be pretty stable, but I noticed a few features that I loved aren't working or there anymore. The things I loved and aren't there anymore or working are as follows. Stoplights: They aren't visibly seen anymore in my rear window, but still work from evidence of AI traffic. I liked seeing them. Where did they go? Please put it back. Radio Chatter: Loved this, but now in this version it doesn't seem to be working, why? It worked for me before. Flashing headlights: I am talking about the earlier versions where the headlights would flash back and forth on the ground not the current strobing effect. I love that. Please put that back in. Speech: There seems to not be any speech anymore. I cant hear anyone talking. So whats the deal? Is it just my game, or were these things taken out for some weird reason?
  13. I am running with 7.4c[x] and the mod seems to be working fine only for a short time each time. I did consecutively 4 robbery in progress missions and then a vehicle theft mission and the game froze and shut down on me. Seems to keep happening this way over and over. There's got to be something wrong with the order of missions or a specific mission causing the game to crash on me. Hope this can be fixed. Also, the going off duty and trying to go back on thing is still not working. When I go off duty and try to go back on it says I must complete the mission before I do anything else. There's no mission at that time and I must restart the game to play again.
  14. I agree and having the same issue every time