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  1. Hai guys. I thought I will share some of my thoughts about it... Yeah... is it the reason why when I point at a criminal he freezes and falls on the ground? AND I can't shoot the f**ker either because during that my bullets have no effect on him... Hey Neo, I've been wondering, have you ever arrested a criminal, then called prisoner transport and tried to follow it? Yeah, just ride behind it til it gets to the station... if you never tried, I suggest you do that. You will notice and fix the problem in 5 minutes, 10 tops... While we're at it, few times it happened I requested support, the unit appeared... and that's it, it didn't move. Once I needed a prisoner transport. I called a unit. Nothing happens (I was checking on the map, it wasn't moving). Then I requested another one. And another. And another. Finally I had about 15 blinkenlights on the radar and nothing was going. But when I shot the prisoner... all those prisoner transport units suddenly crashed on me...
  2. CFG is a config file. It's usually a text file (txt) but extension is changed to CFG for convenience. That reduction probably isn't possible, I would guess it's a random no matter of what... But I'm no expert. And I really wish more retards had grammar and punctuation like you =D BTW any reason why this thread has over 10x more views than others?
  3. Perhaps... I'm using trainer and I tried to clean at least most of it's bindings, but left few... Why didn't I think about that before! Thanks, ZioN. By the way, do not close the thread yet, I'm going to test it, if it's the problem first. [EDIT] Looks like it works. Thanks a lot, ZioN!
  4. Hey. I'm having a lot of problems with the mod. When I found it, I was very happy that finally I can easily play the game the way I always wanted to. I have spent the last 3 years playing GTA San Andreas as a cop, in cop clothes riding around in cop car helping in police chases (sometimes very spectacular). I was almost going to post a thread on some random forum that I would like to try making a mod like that and need people. But after installing the game, mod practically never works the way it should. The biggest problem is with the keys. I try pushing them, tapping with various speed, do crazy things with them, just to get them to work. Some keys work all the time without any problem, such as Num 7, Num 9, Num 1, Num 3 and Num 5. The keys that cause the most problem are Num 0 (almost never works) and F10, F11 and F12. But I have a lot of fun when I do manage to get some keys to work, so the mod is generally good, just those freaking keys...
  5. I seem to be having the same problem. The keys work, but you need to try tapping them at various speed, which helps after a while. I tried to relate this problem to framerate, remember it was hard in GTASA to switch on the police siren if the rate was not limited (less time before it turns into a horn). My PPM is installed properly and seems to work just fine, the only problem is with those - and sometimes other - keys: F10, F11 and F12.