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  1. Ahh ok i got eflc i guess than i can do episodes of liberty city stories
  2. Cool i guess? I still dont know what eflc is ?
  3. U awsome it works!!!
  4. Rëinstall the mod it will work
  5. This is alot of work. Be nice for in the furture.
  6. The / above the numpad 8
  7. *Fixed after rëinstalling PPM Thanks PPM for saving my game :D
  8. Nice:) Next time please dont go that mad. I was talking normal to you to, glad that you have working patch now! Goodluck.
  9. Would be a nice idea, but not for now anderson has IRL issues
  10. Idk if that can be even added lolz
  11. Maybe u running godmode? I think ELS wont make any diffrence.
  12. Hello i've downloaded the mod what worked fine 7.4C. Than i saw people installing vechile mods i downloaded K9 canine unit (the one anderson has to) But than my PPM crashed than i deinstalled it again with sparkIV. But now all my vechiles gone no vechiles
  13. I will suggest you to update your GTA IV Search on google for patch or something. You will be suprised how you gta has been updated. But i would love to know when Anderson releases 7.5 D
  14. Its not that hard its an .exe file it will install automaticily. Only thing you need to do is show your GTA IV directory file.
  15. All the bugs are already known. And remove your capslock no need for it