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    Just wanna live as a police in GTA. ^^
  1. After several hours for working on the game patch and police mod, I finish update GTA IV into version and installed Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d, than I run the game. After it loaded the save file, the game crashed, it say:" GTA IV.exe has been stop working". After I uninstall the mod and the game run again. I know that version is listed as "assume to be working" on Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d, but maybe there's some problem can be solve by you professional guys? Here's the issues that I checked: -Script Hook version 0.5.1 -I do installed and the mod correctly -It does show the pop up window about the mod have been installed before starting the game -There's the icon of Neo Police Pursuit Mod on the loading screen -Graphic is not the problem It just crashed after the save file was loaded. Pls hlp on this problem, I really wish to play the mod and I have spent many days to solve the problem. P.S.(If you went to advice me to update the game version, pls refer to the older reply of mine, the problem about the changing the game launcher from NoRGSC to XLiveless) P.P.S.(Hope that the lead developer NeO_Anderson will notice my problem and hlp me out, I will be fully appreciate on that. Tnks)
  2. The game launcher. But it's ok, I give up to update to, now I'll try to update to, the normal Police Mod works on that version right? P.S.(I'm updating the game version to is because I'm using NoRGSC to launch GTA and NoRGSC is not supporting the versions that higher than and also I don't know how to change the launcher from NoRGSC to XLiveless, the launcher that support the versions higher than Sry for those messy problems. T.T
  3. For the time being, I've successful update the game version but it say gta.exe is not supported. It only support 1.0.1, 1.0.2...... How to solve this?
  4. Thks for replying. I've tried to update the game version but every time I downloaded the update patch and run it, it always say:" Can't detect game file". How can I solve this?
  5. Dear the Police Pursuit Mod developer. Hi, I'm from Malaysia, and I'm a big fans of Police Pursuit Mod cause since every single GTA was released, I'm deeply hoping to play as a police. Than I discovered this wonderful site which full fill my dream. Haha...I know I'm a bit of annoying but i just want to show my appreciation to the developer. Now, here comes the disappointing problems. My GTA IV's version is, and I installed the Police Pursuit Mod Beta7.5c[X]. When I run the game, it crashed when it finish loading the save game just right on the time when the game screen shown(Niko standing in the room). After I uninstall the mod, it runs again but leaving the "Police Pursuit Mod" on the loading screen. I've also tried to reinstall the mod but it crash again. Hope that developer will help to solve this disappointing problem. I will be fully appreciate on that. Thank you. (P.S. Nice work on creating such a wonderful chance to be a police in GTA. Keep on going, I'm supporting you guys and let other people know about this nice mod.)