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  1. No, I am not talking about the paramedic mod. I am talking about the paramedic feature on the Police Pursuit Mod.
  2. Is there a good website where I can download good police skins. I can't find anything in GTAPoliceMods
  3. When i press f10, the paramedics sometimes come but they do not try to help the person. They just get off the ambulance and walk.
  4. Cool videos, how did you get ELS to work with the mod? What version of ELS do you use?
  5. When i point my gun at a ped they run from me, the menu doesnt appear. Is there like a way I can taser them or I just shoot?
  6. yeah, mine crashes after reaches destination too
  7. How do you exactly pullover a car and how do you arrest a ped?
  8. I tried to download 7.5 from the link given in the forum
  9. I don't really know where to post this, but it says that I am banned whenever I download previous versions of PPM, and I've only been here since yesterday.....
  10. Is there a way to turn off the lighting system on the PPM, so I can use ELS with it?
  11. Everytime I press F10 to call the paramedics, they don't come and save the dead people... Also another thing, the prisoner pickup transport, they don't come and pick up the prisoners.