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  1. Well guys, warnig when you recorded a video, my last video uploaded to youtube, was impugned and cant be see in germany because in the video you can listen the music when you are in a car, on this case you can lsiten the music whem im i driving the police car, its totaly ingame music, im not have added music to the game and of course not add music to the video, all sound tthat you listen in the vidoe are fully INGAME SOUNDS
  2. Well i upload hd videos when i have time to upload it,but for example, this last video put in youtube that is HD, isnt? Im export and uploads the videos directly from the windows movie maker and no ,not have the handling modify atm
  3. New video
  4. Nice request,fully agree, join to this suggestions too
  5. 1 More
  6. The ELS heals the cars all time, to shoot acroos the windows, simple switch off the els lights and them all work again
  7. Two videos more
  8. Well,really dont know why this time the Els's are working, i put the v4 els on the game , launch the game and surprise its working, them change to v6, launch the game and still working,but dont know why.
  9. Here have some patrol videos,with the time i add more, enjoy ,hope you like
  10. Hi to all, new member here, playing this mod some time my specs CPU:AMD Phenom II 970 quad core 3.5ghz Black edition AM3 RAM:8 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz g.skill sniper HD:WD caviar 500gb sata 3 maestro GPU:MSI GeForce GTX 570 Twin frozr II oc 1280mb gddr5 OS:WIndows 7 64 Bits MOTHERBOARD:Asus M4A77T/USB3 - 90-MIBCA5-G0EAY0GZ