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  1. I was wondering for the mod can you use it on MTA:SA or what version would you use it on and do you have to buy that game to use the mod and if you buy that game where do you buy it at.
  2. Im having some techinal issues and i am lost.
  3. if i need help then ill repost here ill give it a try wish me luck.
  4. :l can you give me a link to that.
  5. Can someone send me a tut on how to install it and etc i really want to play this game :P.
  6. yes i can't even get on :l
  7. yes i agree we need spike stips to stop them faster
  8. can i have link to the mod or wat catagory is it under
  9. Then how would i play can you give me a stuff like to download like a tut to do it :)
  10. how do i get the online server thingy. can someone help me and give me like directions to do the proccess.
  11. is there like a link or so that i can get on
  12. well mosly online server yes i did do the mod can you please help me i really love this game :P
  13. i need help with those may you please help me
  14. nice video;s love the game :P
  15. i can't get the game serve or can't get on can someone help me on tv