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  1. thanks, works fine.
  2. you mean you have upload an old (wrong) version as a new version 7.5c? i have checked before 2 days the dev link and the forum link, the non x version was a wrong upload i mean. the X version was a correct one. correct ? EDIT: i have redownload the non X version 7.5c, but it is already the same problem that i post before ! please check up, after install i start gta iv ant the message with 7.5b comes up, ingame is after pressing "go on duty key" 7.5b is activated. the X version is correct ! the policepursuit mod that non x 7.5c installed have the create date from 20. ‎Juli ‎2010, ‏‎17:17:26. the X version 7.5c is created 12. ‎August ‎2010, ‏‎14:57:20. have you pack in non x 7.5c the old 7.5 b version ??? same problem at other people, read here: http://www.policemod.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=426 i will only help you !
  3. i have install 7.5c and i start gta iv and it comes up you have succesfull installed 7.5b ! ingame comes up quick that 7.5b is activated. for the first time i am confusing. more bugs !!! the dacing is already there i cant break it with any keys. after dancing it make her shoes, this i cant also break with W or any other keys ! i am not afk, i am go on street with w ! this make the mod unplayable for me. the xlive.dll change the savegame path or anything else, after installing my savegames didnt there. its old xlive.dll, after copyin my xlive this savegames already there but the bugs are already there ! what is it ? ps: please change the topic to: Bugs 7.5c and more
  4. but no release yesterday. :( release in future ?! i hope very soon. i needed, waiting on dancing and hit fix. Edit: Thanks for relaease today. its standing there but download didnt work at this time, but this moment i can wait !
  5. i hope on release today, that fixed the dacing and problem with the hit. but what i see in the video looks very interesting. but you break very often the law. ;-) red light is a problem ?!
  6. no no no ! tell me, how did he help me ? the said me how works the mod at him. he didnt help. please read post 6. i write all my post for nothing. how is the help?? anderson fix it and relaese it later, that i have read before i write the thread. the only one question that here was, can anderson release the fix quicker (7.5c). i would help me and other to play the mod. he write around the problems and questions. it is so strong to understand me. i have break the conversation here and yet this attack on me. i didnt have do anything wrong. i have only tell him that i am angry about the situation that he write aroung me main question, and tell me reply question , but for what? i have read that is fix, but not release. this is all. i would only quick play this beatiful mod without this problems.
  7. i am a little bit angry about that you told me that you didnt have this problem with the animation. (post #6) this is great for you, but didnt help me. i didnt understand why you told me this. i write down my problems here with 7.5b and you told me, you didnt have this animation problem, GREAT. and yet ?! lol. i cant play the mod with this problems. oh no, i see anderson have delay to 11.08.2010. i must wait longer to get play this mod. :-(
  8. NO. its comming NOT when iam only IDLE ! it comes again and again, by playing, running, after driving when iam get out of the car ! Iam not idle, afk or else! the standing there and freeze problem after a hit is also there ! please read me post. why you telling me other ?? i have this problems, that i writing here !
  9. oh man, you dont understand me. i have read this fixed on main page and i would that anderson release this fix, because i cant play 7.5b with this problems/bugs. because: the dancing i cant break !!!! by pressing any key. and it comes every time up not only afk, when i walk, when i go out from car, i walk and it comes up. i must wait the complete dacing and the shoe animation, then i can go around, but a little time later it begins from new. i wasnt afk, i go around. i need the fix quick. i cant play so. that was all, what i mean ! its is a problem with the hit !!! it should be also fixed, but not release yet. the problem with "ragdoll" is he stand there and is freezed. no lieing down on the ground. this two problems/bugs make for me the mod unplayable. and i need the fix quick, that is all what i mean ! the question was, can anderson release quicker this fix, that i can play the mod. thats all.
  10. look to my name there is a member static. how i reply to other thread or my open threads. dacing animation and hit problem. the game can crash when people have save cars at houses, i have read. (because modded cars or something) no save cars at houses was fix many problems too. when anderson edit this savegame release and fix it with savegame without cars , people didnt a little bit smaller problems. the most people steal cars or have trainer by spawning cars or use vehicle selcetor mod or pro vehicle mod. i have only read it. non test.
  11. that i post in other section, that being fixed. dancing aninmation and the hit problem. ok, he fixed some other bugs and release then (in 2 days) !?
  12. thats a great idea to release this. this fix many problems for many peoples. with cars that is safe before houses i mean that is also a problem. but please release the fix 7.5c, i cant play your beatiful mod 7.5b with this problems/bugs !!! thanks for understand and thanks alot for making this beatiful mod with all your helpers.
  13. hi, i have play your mod very often, yet v7.5b. i have the some problems, that you have fixs yet. but you release later...?? why ? there are strong problems in the mod v7.5b and i cant play this mod with this bugs/problems. i would be happy when you release 7.5c yet. thanks for understand ! police pursuit mod fan
  14. hello i have read you have fixed the dancing pole animation, but you write: did you mean you fix it in the 7.5b download or have you wrong write down and mean 7.5c, the next release ? thanks. hope for quick release with this fick, for me is the mod unplayable yet.
  15. it is very bad and need many time, i will play and not looking dacing at a pole. it make the game completly unplayable it think, in off duty too. it comes again and agin, not only one time.