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  1. Is it a bootleg copy of the game?
  2. I have never encountered this. Try renaming your game folder 'GTAIV Backup' and then install a fresh copy of the game (patched) and place PPM in the fresh copy with no other mods and see if it happens. It is always good to keep a 'vanilla' game folder to test out problems. To switch back and forth simply rename the fresh install 'GTAIV Vanilla' and then rename the backup back to 'GTAIV'. The windows registry is tied to starting the game from a 'GTAIV' folder but could care less if you swap around modded versions of the game depending on what you wanted to play at the time. This is handy for those wanting various themed cities or using more than one police mod. Just play the game version you want that day by renaming folders....long has you have the hard drive space.
  3. I confirmed for everyone version 3.1.2 works just as fine with EFLC. By the way, I figured out it doesn't matter where your car is parked, whether inside the circle or not, as it must be your character that is standing inside the circle and pressing R to refuel. Your car could actually be parked in the street and still fill up. Knowing this, I went into the fuelpumps file and deleted all the extra pumps from each station leaving just 1 diesel and one petrol per station. This way it is less of an eye sore by seeing 4 red and 2 yellow circles flooding the stations. Now there is just 1 of each. You can park at any pump then just walk to the circle and press R. I also tried dropping the circles down into the ground to make them less of an eye sore but they no longer work so don't bother but at least it isnt as 'gawky' when driving by now with so many circles all over the ground. Also, are there any 'official vehicles only' style pumps on the map anywhere? if so, I could add a pump/station there and mark it as zero cost for police cruisers.
  4. What mods are you using other than pursuit mod?
  5. This exactly happened last night to me. The car stalled, the engine light came on, and the hazard lights started flashing. I was screwed as the criminal sped off into the distance.
  6. I came across this old mod today (no, its not my mod) but was curious if it still worked on the newest of patches and all and was excited to see it does with no work on my part! http://www.gtagarage...how.php?id=5538 It worked right off the bat for me so I believe all the confusing comments about it not working on the site is just from people not understanding using scriptdotnet and placing the mod itself in the script folder. Anyway, the mod adds a fuel gauge to any car, even ELS, and you have to manage it. I started my patrol and went and topped my tank off at the nearest gas station (mod has separate gas and diesel pumps depending on what your driving) and went on patrol as the gauge slowly dropped along the course of my driving. Another small touch of realism to your police mod use :) If anyone decides to give it a try and has a problem, Ill try to help. One thing to remember is to activate the mod (cntrl+o) and to make sure you crank your car after getting in it and later turn it off before pumping gas (cntrl+r). Since the mod is long since abandoned I wonder if you could get permission to incorporate into the PPM? It adds a layer of realism to the mod in my opinion. In my role playing nature I walked out of my apartment, got in my patrol car, and saw it only had half a tank so went and got gas before I started my shift :)
  7. If you install the game off the disc and it fails to run with no mods whatsoever then that is really outside the scope of the forum here. You have an issue with Windows or your hardware. The last piece of advice I can offer is to make sure your saved games and the gtaiv folder itself is completely deleted before reinstalling. It might be leaving the mods by themselves in the folder when the game itself is uninstalled and then a reinstall just places the game back into that folder with the mods.
  8. If you installed the mod properly you hit numpad zero.
  9. I can get behind that because spamming the character model and spawn car button is was usually leads to my game failing sooner rather than later. I usually just accept the first nonfat cop model that appears and use a trainer to spawn the car I want the first time and then can play for a few hours before textures begin to vanish. Back when I was spamming the character model button to get it just right and spamming the car spawn to get the right model/texture I wanted I was lucky the pursuit mod didn't crash right then and there or it got me 20 minutes of game play.
  10. Reinstall the game and patch it to 1.0.7 using the patches at windows games live or the rockstar website and then load the game up and make sure it works fine unmodded. Once you see that it does, then add the PPM mod. Rule out issues with the normal new install of gtaiv 1.0.7 before adding the mod. 7.6d is designed to be used with 1.0.7 and works fine with it as long as you install it properly (select that you do want xliveless during the install process).
  11. To pull someone over have your car within a car length behind the vehicle going down the road and hit your sirens and wait a second for them to respond. It works best when the car is not at a red light. Do it when your both traveling. The taser is automatically deployed when you are about within 5-6 feet from the suspect and have them targeted in marksman mode with whatever weapon. There is no visual of it - they just freeze and collapse. Once they are tazed move in directly over them and keep targeting them and then it will move to arrest mode if they surrender. Not all suspects will surrender. Lastly, you posted this in the paramedic mod support instead of police pursuit mod support.
  12. I believe the paramedic mod could be redone from the ground up to be a flight paramedic where you are a pilot and not a ambulance driver. This would take a simplistic mod and give it 'skill' on par with that of the police mod with having to focus on quality flying/landing. Examples of such missions: 1. Fly to airport and pick up a organ on ice and fly it back to the hospital 2. Fly to accident scene and land in the designated landing zone with a spawned accident with victims, cops, etc nearby and render aid to the victim and fly them back to the hospital 3. Search and rescue where you try to find a missing person. You could land and approach the person or hit F3 to call a police car who would then take the person in custody with existing animations/code. 4. Aid a police chase below by following from overhead. Losing track of the subject loses the mission. Our local medical flight chopper has done this in my area as the nearest state police chopper is 150 miles away. Their reasoning is two fold: to help the police and offer their aid in the aftermath as it usually ends messy. The conclusion of a police chase mission could be land and offer aid to the injured or simply hit F10 to call a ambulance to the scene. 5. Medical situation on a boat. 6. medical situation at a remote corner of the map. 7. Officer down medical call in a semi unsecure area where you try to land and render aid and get the officer out as the police get into a shootout with criminals. 8. VIP flight where you give a VIP a tour of the city. 9. Maintenance flight where you take the chopper out to the airport for maintenance, refuel, etc. 10. Medical situation where a rooftop landing is used. 11. Med flight from hospital to airport or vice versa for a 'rush the patient off on a medical airplane flight or pick them up from a medical airplane flight'. 12. Medical call to the liberty island as ambulances cannot drive there :) I could think of more but this is good enough for a starting point. If a countdown timer could be added signifying fuel that would be a bonus. Say it reads '20:00' minutes and once you take off it counts backwards even with a '5 minute reserve (-5:00)' and through the course of your missions you need to manage that and land at the airport for a refuel (reset timer) or the chopper will stall/crash. Thoughts?
  13. You reinstalled the game and then repatched it to 1.0.7 or just reinstalled the game and did not patch it?
  14. Does the game start up without the mod? If you had the mod prior to patching then you need to update the mod files, most importantly the scripthook file. The version of scripthook is different based on the patch you are using. Patch 1.0.7 needs scripthook 0.5.1 I believe. Older patches such as 1.0.4 used scripthook 0.4
  15. You need to run a version of scripthook file compatible with the version of the game you are running. The scripthook that comes included with the mod is too new for your patch version and will crash the game as you describe.