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  1. how can i help to make it support gta eflc??
  2. can you make it support eflc??
  3. Hello, I downloaded the mod to the game, run it and it works prefect. The main problem: the game exits to the desktop after 30-40 minutes of playing on win 7. Other issues: 1. No swat backup at all. 2. Heli doesn't shoot just "talks". 3. In a random mission the suspect keeps standing and falling down - and shooting him will on the ground doesn't kill him or taking percentage of his life level. 4. After arresting a suspect and driving to the station, when the police car stops the suspect gets out and stands - not going back in, and when you call a prisoner transport - it never comes. 5. EMC doesn't do anything- just arriving at the scene. Hope you can resolve this issue. Tal
  4. you were right!! i also used s speed meter mod and a bank rubbery mod. i will delete the files and try to make it work. thanks any way!
  5. hello, when ever i start the game the mod 7.5b works perfectly, but when trying to start a drug wars mission the car starts to drive forword with me not pushing any button. i also see grey smoke getting out of the hood, and sometimes the car catch fire and blows up. all this happens only when i start a drug wars mission. also sometimes the screen also tilts like if the computer is drunk or somthing like that. i have win 7 32bit with gta eflc v1.1.2.0 please help me!