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  1. So, It will be in next release? ^_^
  2. Any solution for game crash during VIP Transport....???
  3. Hi there... I have been thinking about some new missions.... These are results.... 1. There would be some terrorist attack on airport. 2. Illegal races. Someone reports Illegal races and you must stop it.... 3. Inspections of houses against Drug dealers.... 4. Be allowed to give penalty or to march away cars for bad parking :P Some are good ideas, maybe.
  4. Hello.... I have found important bug. Version: 7.4d Other modes: NO Game version: Description: So, I go on duty then I get some poinst that will reach my level. Its ok but after duty number- Total points deducted are still rising. I was suprised that I am level 10, but after few minutes riding through the city without police job, I had level 0 again and lot of deducted point. How working that saving stats? Thx
  5. 1. Okey, but any possibility to release some "European version"? In many countries emergency vehicles have highest priority, so the can go on red light, when is their way full, can go in oposite way but only with emergency beacons. Without they have same rights like others. I think that is logical. No? 2. I mean: I have imported music on Independence radio, something happens with that. I run game without mod and in car I can switch radio, but tracks are not recognized. So I go into Audio menu for scan. I have in folder 60 tracks but scan recognize only 3 (that 3 are not mine). Before it works normally. 4. There could be some button for locking a car. So they dont escape. Finally, game crashes and freezes many times. But as you said, this will be fixed. :rolleyes:
  6. I've succeed... :lol:
  7. Hello, I have found some bugs Mod version: 7.4c Other mods: NO Bugs: 1. Law against traffic: When car goes through crossroad or during reversing or at turning on the road. 2. Any posibility to switch radio station. 3. After missions (duty off) you cant change cop skin to normal (Niko). 4. Arrested suspect escaped from a cop car when someone starts shooting. He is scared so he will escape.