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  1. I've never come across this situation,but yeah it could be a bug.I think your numpad should come back to life after 2-3 sec.Does it just stop working permanantly?
  2. I understand your rage,Samih.And I agree there are less persons for support here.But you don't need to scream all over in the forums against the mod.This will do no good.Its not even releasing your stress.So play your GTA:IV without the mod,if you want instead of posting negative comments here and there.
  3. Oh,pardon me.Lol typo!
  4. Please ask yourself these questions before posting crash issues: 1.Do you have any other mods installed? If yes,then please don't be sure that its the fault of the mod.Sometimes your system VRAM is not enough and thats what crashes the game.PPM is supposed to run perfect only on a fresh installation of the mod.Yes,there are crashing bugs,but I,myself,have never experienced any such bug with VIP Transport mission.I'm also using 2.Are there a lot of copcars around when game crashes? Sometimes your system can't handle many copcars at once flashing their sirens. 3.Have you messed with peds.ide? This could be a problem. 4.Last but not the least,do you really expect a common man among us developing a purely perfect mod without any financial support from others,for us? Respect his work,cross your fingers,deal with the current version and hope for the best. Thats all I could say..
  5. It could be a bug,as it works fine with me.Yes,the crashes are a bit troublesome but remember Anderson is developing this mod on his own.As this is not a game itself produced by an experienced huge-budget team,bugs are obvious.We can just hope they'll fix it in the next version. Solution 1: Try reinstalling fresh copy of the mod and/or the game. Solution 2: Uninstall the version (if you want to give up for now) and wait for a near-perfect version of the mod.
  6. i7-2600k @ 3.40 GHz (8 cores) Asus Z68 V-Pro LGA 1155 95W G.Skill RIPJAWS 2X4GB Professional RAM w/ heatsink Seagate Barracuda 1TB @ 7200rpm Corsair TX750W nVIDIA Zotac GTX560Ti 1GB