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  1. Hi, This is a bug. The mod crashes because something un-expected has happened (You did something unexpected) but its not designed to tell you what you have to do. So it blocks numpad. There are many bugs in this mod, You just need to wait for the new version.
  2. I have chosen the second solution ages ago.
  3. This police mod is the best idea i have ever seen for gta, but i is the worst developed, The mod is bug fixed but still has bugs with no one reporting, For example if you go and sort out a couple of crimes then the game will crash eventualy, Why because there is something it does not clear. For example if your taking someone to the police station because they are arrested there are sometimes cars trying to stop you but once u completed the objective and got the guy to the police station the other cars dont disaper they are stilll there and that takes up hell of alot of memory ram. This mod should not even crash with the lowest quality of graphics, I have lowest quality of graphics and it still crashes. I have a "Acer Asoure M3400" and it wasn't cheap, It handles everything but the mod is just fucked up, The longest possible you can use the mod is 30 Minutes and then it will automaticly crash. There are alot of bugs that are in the background. The developers dont even bother fixing it, This forum is dead all ican see is people asking for help.
  4. I agreee or you could let me have a look email me at mail@tranjex.net.
  5. You are simply an ambulance that goes around the city rescuing injured people and taking them to the hospital, Make sure you dont replace your scripthook file if you have police mod installed and you want this too because from what i have heard, It messes the game up. I dont use it so i cant help you with any technical issues.
  6. Hi there, I was wondering how other GTA IV players have very modern police cars when they make their videos and i have the old boring ones, Like the one on here: Can someone please tell me how to make it look all nicer and make the game more interesting?? I would really like it if i had a great police vehicle that goes super fast :) or one that goes the same speed but looks awesome! Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have had some issues with the mod. When ever i turn the game on everything works fine in a great performance, The game loads up super fast. I am using the latest release, Everything is installed correctly. When i press numpad 0, i quickly get transfered to a police officers suit. So far everything is going good, Then i press numpad 7 and get a cop car and then i press 3 to get a officer to help me with most of the crimes. Now i accept a 911 call and i solve a couple of crimes. But after doing the crimes the small stats box or the description at the bottom right corner, The text disapers and the numpad stops working, I have restarted the game and i used two keyboards at some point i get the same problem. I am 100% sure it is not a game crash because i have the lowest graphics set. Sometimes when i am about to solve a robbery crime or some others i get to the destination and suddenly the game crashes which i can not understand why. Again, I have the lowest graphics set for the best performance but i have the same issue. The game works in its best performance when i am off duty. I am requesting a fix for this because it is not fully working as i expect. I also have forgotten to include that sometimes the mod does not give you crimes to solve, it freezes and you can drive around for 30 minutes without braking the "law" of the game and you get no help. Often when i use the "[" key the game crashes and its closes itself. Please fix these bugs. Thank You. Note: I am using "Police Pursuit Mod 7.6d" The mod was automatically installed by the installer i did not touch any of the directory.