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  1. Iv seen that on the first island at the dock's that's were it happening the most For me
  2. The Following list will contain real crime *()*()*()* Aiding & Abetting / Accessory Arson Assault / Battery Aggravated Assault / Battery Attempt Bribery Burglary Child Abandonment Child Abuse Child Pornography Computer Crime Conspiracy Credit / Debit Card Fraud Criminal Contempt of Court Cyber Bullying Disorderly Conduct Disturbing the Peace Domestic Violence Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Drug Trafficking / Distribution Drug Possession DUI / DWI Embezzlement Extortion Forgery Fraud Harassment Hate Crimes Homicide Indecent Exposure Identity Theft Insurance Fraud Kidnapping Manslaughter: Involuntary Manslaughter: Voluntary Medical Marijuana MIP: A Minor in Possession Money Laundering Murder: First-degree Murder: Second-degree Open Container Law Perjury Probation Violation Prostitution Public Intoxication Pyramid Schemes Racketeering / RICO Rape Robbery Securities Fraud [sPAM]ual Assault Shoplifting Solicitation Stalking Statutory Rape Tax Evasion / Fraud Telemarketing Fraud Theft / Larceny Vandalism White Collar Crimes Wire Fraud ___________________ Please try and add as Many things as you can over time as i'm not bothered what goes in Thanks Please comment what you think this took me ages to do so please no nasty comments And my dads a Police Officer so it kinda help lol
  3. I have the same problem
  4. This more than likely you have a trainer running at the same time... i use the simple native trainer to spawn the police car then i turn it off so i can play the police pursuit mod
  5. Fix to this problem Set all settings to low not size and put the thing that you can move set all of them to 1 it also reduces lag and stops your game from crashing
  6. When i do a traffic stop as usual i might say for example Iv pulled you over because &you hit a civ/car& then ill ask them to step out &some times the run off to my car straight away most of the time only if the license is not vail&&if i ask he/she to go to my car for arrest i drive off with blues and two's && then i get a call they will jump out so im like WTF!!!! && When or if i mange no to get a call from dispatch and stop and wait for them to get out then i will get out to watch them walk for arrest they will/always run off away from the station&& if you can read this please try and fix it P.S iv pm'd the lead dev about it