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  1. I know this topic has been pinned for a els fix but...... you can use ELS v5 with ppm and not have to delete your els.ini file. How this is able to work Im not sure. I do have a very high end pc but im sure that doesnt matter when it comes to scripts. ELS v5 works the same with els version vehicles 4,5,6. I have tested. The real difference is the ability to control take down flash pattern. Otherwise all els vehicles will work with version 5. Also if you have wanted ai to use els it is now possible if you use v5 since the ini file does not have to be deleted. You can find the ELS v5 script if you go to gtapolicemods.com and go to downloads.
  2. ELS does indeed work for this mod. BUT...... the 2 files(asi, ini) that you installed into your GTA folder. The ini(configure file) needs to be deleted so you just have your asi file for the ELS. There is a pinned topic about it.http://www.policemod.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=649 This I know fixes the car spawning issue, as for the shooting I have no idea.
  3. My advise would be to start clean. Re-install gta4 and the patches. Then try the game. If it works then install your police pursuit mod. If it crashes after you install the mod, some files may be corrupted. I would then download a new mod and try again.
  4. I have been looking really hard for a group who plays ppm online but with no luck. Does anyone have a group or maybe a place to search? A lot of gangs but no police pursuit roleplayers. Thanks, Grant
  5. Hey guys. Just wanted to say hey and great job on the mod. Also thank you for including everything to make these mods work so smooth! ELS works,ICEn,modded cars, I mean I have had 0 problems with this mod. Good to be here and keep up the nice work!