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      Would you like to become a 'Developer' here? Developers will gain full admin powers on the forum and have the ability to promote users to 'Staff' and 'Experienced Members' ranks. They will also have a section on the forum dedicated to their mod just like the Police Pursuit and Paramedic Mods have now.   Or perhaps you would like to help the existing mods by enforcing forum rules and slapping people about when they've done wrong?     If you already have mods that you've made and would like to submit as part of your 'CV' then feel free to contact me directly.   For more information read here:   http://mods.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54


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  1. I have noticed that there are no working Alley, Take Down or Spot Lights ... I think I read somewhere that there can only be 8 Working Lights ... If this is so ... Why can't there be more working lights? ... Thanx for any explanations!
  2. This is what I have as my Signature! Sunset 'MrHoggLegg' Parker God Bless All of the Doctors ✡ Nurses ✡ EMT's ✡ Firefighters ✡ Law Enforcement and Military! America's Real Heroes! A Hero Once Said ✡ 'Are You Ready ✡ Let's Roll!' Todd Beamer ✡ United Flight 93 ✡ Somewhere Over PA ✡ Sept 11, 2001 Sometimes a Hero Forgets to be Scared!