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  1. Wow Its been a while (stupid registries stopped my gta working :() Ok my suggestions: Toggle the default siren on/off with G (as it is by default) Toggle the Yelp siren on/off (normally having to hold G for this) with another key Toggle the Phazer siren with another key (also default holding G) Basically what I'm asking is different toggles, so your not toggling through the different types of siren, you press a button to get a certain one on or off. Maybe apply the same the the Lights Only mode too, because I personally find it a bit time consuming to have to cycle through each setting when im meant to be leading a chase :P Yes, I know ELS does this, but ELS doesn't quite work well with PPM as I read on other posts, and ELS is so messy (you open a car door when its active and the door spazzes out until its shut) Thats why I want a basic toggle of the default functions :) Possible? Let me know what you think please :) (Side notes, sorry if something like this has been suggested already, sorry for the massive inactivity and still love this mod :))
  2. i tried using the save feature and its crashed the game everytime.
  3. im guessin thats a no ZioN lol, usually to script it in its a painstaking amount of effort lol
  4. haha, would be too confusing to keep up with considerin the growth of the mod more missions are being added etc :P
  5. i am aware of what you mean and yeah there was an entirely different post with this in lol im sure ZioN knows what you mean now after explaining this
  6. this has a;ready been mentioned in another post :)
  7. im not too bothered by this so as Zion said we will just have to see what anderson does throughout the next releases
  8. it follows the common SAT-Nav Protocol, once you arive at your destination the route there is removed because it recognises that your already there. when you die in gta the navigation is gone because you were killed in the place you wanted to get to, therefore the navigation is removed. EDIT: i've died in several gang attacks when in intense shootouts (serves me right for attempting to win with a pistol :P ) thats how i know what happens to the navigation
  9. good to hear, glad to be of help :)
  10. i agree with zion, and there is already a traffic and pedestrian control mod out ive seen it several times on grand theft auto mod sites. look it up
  11. for this particular call, the suspect is stood in the middle of the road for a reason, although its silly, the suspect stops a nearby vehicle (in the road) and pulls the driver from it, gets in, then gets out (stealing things) then walks away. it would be better if they broke into parked cars and as for the dockyard at night, what on earth would someone be doing at the docks at night lol? its america most drug runners do it throughout the day when the police are too busy dealing with people shooting each other :P
  12. agreed here and if u havnt noticed you dont get calls in PPM when you have traffic stop mode enabled. so no room to complain really :P (aimed at whoever started this topic)
  13. not sure of this problem as im away and havn't had chance to check this out. as for hitting F9 cuasing crashes, its already been mentioned by Anderson when 7.5 was first released that the in game menu was causing a few issues for some people
  14. there was an update which moved the savegames folder to my documents, so yes it should be there specifcly: My Documents/Rockstar Games/ Grand Theft Auto IV/ Savegames
  15. the file should be called SGTA4xx where the xx is should be 2 numbers these correspond with the slot the save should be found in for example SGTA401 (save game in slot 1) once you've placed that file there load up GTA and pause, go to Game, then Load...your new savegame should be there. if that doesn't work there are mods on the internet which unlock all the islands for you but theyre rare and will take you a while to find them. hope this helps ContractKilla i use Xliveless and the savegame i downloaded works perfectly. Although if im honest if your looking for large game modifications like PPM for GTA effectively it means you have nothing else to do, and so probably should of completed the game :P