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      Would you like to become a 'Developer' here? Developers will gain full admin powers on the forum and have the ability to promote users to 'Staff' and 'Experienced Members' ranks. They will also have a section on the forum dedicated to their mod just like the Police Pursuit and Paramedic Mods have now.   Or perhaps you would like to help the existing mods by enforcing forum rules and slapping people about when they've done wrong?     If you already have mods that you've made and would like to submit as part of your 'CV' then feel free to contact me directly.   For more information read here:   http://mods.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54


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  1. When I try to launch GTA IV, (After installing the mod), an error message pops up saying "Thank you for installing our mod, we love you, etc, etc..." Then, a pop-up comes up saying "Thank you for using the mod, etc, etc..." It told me to come here and post about the problem. Using version 7.6(b...?) The next try: "Thank you for installing, we love you (I sure hope you don't mean that) Then an error pops up telling me that (1) asilog.txt cannot be accessed - access denied (So, I made one which then lead to the earlier error) Next try: All is fine until it tells me I'm using a backup disc and I need to use the legit disc. I have the legit disc in, though. Took me awhile to try and figure this out before I came here. Dunno what else I may need to post. Hope someone knows how to fix this :|