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  1. Hi, I've ran into two problems while using this Mod. One of the issues is the "Game crashes with "GTA IV has stopped working message"". I am currently using version Beta 7.6d with the latest patch for GTA IV. Everything was running fine before, I've loaded the game multiple times before and it loaded up fine. Now all of a sudden I can't enter the actual game. I can log in, but when the actual game is about to load up, it crashes. Not really sure what could be making this happen. The other issue I've been running into is the fact that while I'm just roaming around in the game using the mod, it will suddenly just stop. Basically, I've pushed the "0" key on my number pad to go "On Duty" and I'll just play around with the mod while everything is going okay when suddenly all the text on the bottom right goes away, I can't use any of the Number pad keys, and missions for the mod don't show up anymore. It basically stopped working. Restarting the game fixes it, but it's obviously just a little frustrating. Again, not sure what is causing this. Thanks in advance for the help. (These bugs, issues, problems, whatever you'd like to call them may have been brought up before, I'd rather not go through 10 pages of topics reading them all. Sorry!)