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  1. This mod is tricky but I got the hang of it now! Anticipate when tons of activity is going on the mod has the potential to crash due to memory overload! like for instance too many cabs bunched up in one area! Can't explain why it crashes after chasing someone flipping their car. Getting out of your patrol car and aiming at the perp to get them to surrender the game crashes. I once again just played the game with the mod active for about 1 and half hrs with no crash issue this time! Hell even used a tow truck app to pick up the surrendered vehicles of drivers I had to arrested or killed and this time the tow truck didnt take my patrol car! lmao! I even called for a coroner to pick up the bodies and that worked in conjunction with PPM. Kinda cheating and know that is going to piss the other police mod people off that I am using their mods with PPM. But that is there fault for their mod not working but the stand in mods work perfectly with this Police Mod. It is enjoyable to play GTAIV - NYPD (as I call it now)! Thanks to your app it brings back so many memories of my long evenings as an Auxiliary Cop looking for something to go down to get my grubby hands into! Thanks for creating this mod...it took a while but I am now able to enjoy it! Havent had to add anything nor do I wish to at this point! Everything is running smoothly most of the time! A/Sgt. Peters (former NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer)
  2. I am convinced that any ford crownvic NYPD car may have been the source of my crashes. I removed these vehicle (marked and unmarked) from my fleet and it seems as if PPM is running better without any crashes! But it is not the only source of the crashing issues! I do notice that now that when I play for a long period of time and start to notice I am chasing a ghost suspect the game begins to slow down and then locks up! It is not occuring as quickly as it used to. Now after about an hr of game play this is happening! I guess the key is to end the mission immediately when I see i am chasing a ghost! The reason why we have the option is not only when a perp is giving us a hard time catching up but when they want to play ghost it helps to prevent the game from crashing!
  3. Weirdest thing just happened! I have been playing PPM for about 2hrs now ranked up to cop level 12 and 1048 somewhat pts. This is the first time I have played PPM and not encounter a crash! I have been completing missions, doing car stops, even using apps to identify vehicles that require police attention from expired registration, stolen vehicle, out of state warrants and so many events have been going on and it never crashed on me .... today! ? WTHDID ! lol I dont know I unistalled PPM reinstalled it then placed all the modified vehicles I would be using I even went as far as modifying the key press positions and it has worked for me. Saved my stats and all. This is so funny this is sounding like a complaint because it is working! But that is just it...it is working perfectly now and there is no explanation for why! But I suspect the game is about to crash on me becuase the only way to dismiss my partner is to shoot him! I went off duty and I was expecting my partner to do the same I hopped in the car and broke out on him! He grabbed the handle and got slammed into a garbage dumpster! lol I left him in Manhattan and drove all the way home went into my bed to save my game and wouldnt you know this guy must have been a really good swimmer and the bionic man! The dude popped up right about my bed as I was saving the game! Now I am worried the game is going to crash because when I respawn the save file is going to be looking for my partner!
  4. Now after uninstalling the game and reinstalling PPM, I have added my mods and I am no longer getting error codes. It seems that if I call for Air Support or Swat back up the game begins to glitch then freezes and then it just exits itself and the game has ended with no error codes.
  5. Hi Mr. Anderson, I dont know what is occurring, but it seems that everytime I engage in a mission, I can be in Hot Pursuit, Stepping out my RMP to confront a gunman, or issuing a traffic ticket and the game freezes. I dont know if I read something here or saw a YouTube video that says that there is a file or section of setting that need to be deleted or modified to prevent this from occurring. Would you have any idea what that is? PPM 7.6d works perfectly well but it seems when I start missions and something intense is going on the screen the game locks up and the game stops responding, forcing me to A+C+D or press the ESC key to exit the game. So disheartened to get hyped up and you have that W.T.H. moment!
  6. Thank you for the reply Mr. Anderson....we miss you! lol enough of the Matrix jokes! Thanks for the reply, I am really double and triple crossing my fingers that you can work your magic on GTAV! I will stay tuned!
  7. Just saw a video a couple of days ago that shows the release of GTAV for pc! Will you be making a similar mod for that game! I have to say the graphics in that game are off the scale! It looks so clear and detailed! Seems that no one is even looking at this page any more! I just recently decided that with my new PC that I would give GTAIV another try and without disappointment I am really enjoying it using your mod (even with the hickups that sometimes lock the game or crash it)! Your mod works great, I think it is the other mods I install that sometimes causes it to lock up or crash. But when I figure out the triggers and avoid them I get to enjoy a nice shift to the point that I can return back to my safehouse go off duty and save my game stats and game with my same car!