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  1. Just want to drop my suggestions for next version *if u call EMS and you have low health, when they arrive u should have full health *The vip transport convoy should be able to be attacked ,making it more interesting and giving you the mission to get the vip to safety at all cost,also more cars following the vip would be interesting *You should be able to call fire truck back up(speedy response too) *you should be able to call tow truck back up *Penalty for driving towards head on traffic during pursuit should be removed *fuel tank should be added *Police head quarter should be added where you should be able to enter and hand over suspects, upgrade weapons and armour,sign on and off duty, change car and more If this can be done gta iv would be the best game ever Thank you
  2. Hello i installed the version 7.6d of the police pursuit mod on my gta iv, and its the only mod iv ever had and used i will go ahead and list the bugs i have found on my game,and when it happens. *Most times when i call for both backup and ems my game crashes *Every time i call for EMS its shows the white blip on radar but later disappears and never reaches me, when i drive off i end up seeing the ambulance quite far from my car *Most times during traffic stops before i question the suspect, he or she just gets down of his car and enters the back of my car *Also anytime i am in the middle of a traffic stop and i press f9 to clear mission items the car i stopped disappears which is okay but i remain at the traffic stop position/posture without being able to do anything for sometime. *Sometimes my game randomly crashes *Also when i call for swat backup they dont arrive quick and when i meet them on the road i see them driving in circles *when i call for multiple helicopter units only one ends up chasing the suspect the others just remain at their positions