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  1. Have we seen the end of PPM at 7.5d? Will there be any newer updated versions?
  2. Im trying to change my short sleeve uniform shirt color from blue to white. also trying to keep the textured look with pockets and shadows instead of a solid white
  3. weird. never had a problem like this before with eflc. i've used ppm with it all along. ok, so im stuck let me rephrase.... I could care less about the noncompatability with eflc, i just want my back-up units back! lol. i really dont want to have to go back to version "B".
  4. The Ballad Of Gay Tony? EFLC.
  5. Playing on TBOGT. Now, with the update of 7.6D, traffic stop promt works correctly, now however, I cannot call for standard back-up. Default key is "F3" I believe, I have been using "+" because F3 was not working with some other mods. Never once had a problem until now. Also, Maybe a known bug, When using "Police3" or "Police4" (the other police vehicles provided with TBOGT) my game crashes attempting a traffic stop, and for sure already known, You cannot transport/arrest anyone after driving either of these cars. Any help?
  6. well, lets just say the few times i have played since i have updated to c, it hasnt worked correctly
  7. When i attempt to make a traffic stop, the vehicle pulls over, i approach the car and then nothing happens. im not getting any of the text prompt on whether or not i want to stop them for speeding, reckless driving ect... this in turn requires me to completely end the game cause the player is stuck there. the game does not freeze however, i just cannot move any further in the traffic stop beyond walking to the drivers door.
  8. well that bloooows im having the same issue
  9. Any chance version "C" is better compatable with V6 of els? If using els V6 and or els fix mods, either back-up will not respond or the AI will not respond with els lights...
  10. Tried all of that even before I posted this. It will play the police chatter when the pause menu is up and Idependence FM station is selected, but as soon as i return to the game, the radio station changes back to self-actualization fm....
  11. my radio will not tune to Independence FM, wont get off of self-actualization fm or whatever lol. i have you hit "complete scan" in the audio menu at the pause screen? or do what i did. find some files online that you want to hear and rename them to what is needed
  12. My radio station will not stay on Independence FM. I have SNT, have made Independence FM my default station, hit tune to Independence FM and it stays on Self-Actualization crap. i have tried to change it in the actual audio menu on the pause screen and as soon as i return to the game, BAM! back to self-actualization crap. HELP!?
  13. will this show "7.6b" in-game and on the windows that pop up before and after starting/ending game?
  14. I think he means speed radar. NFS HP has this in-game. Such a sweet add-on. This has been suggested before and would be amazing to have in the GTA world!
  15. Im sure some of us use this mod with EFLC and probably run into the same frustrating issue. With the 3 extra police vehicles available with EFLC, we can add more vehicles we want to use on patrol but unfortunately, we cant use them to arrest people and what-not. Can you make it possible in the next installment of PPM, to work with all models of police vehicles?