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  1. besides for the FD bitching, any other thoughts lol?
  2. ok, so if i ever see you burning in a car, i won't called the fire service :) <3 LOL
  3. When i die sadly and its loading my game crashes and have to start allll over again ALSO when i finished a mission and have like a 1 min break, when the other mission is loading it crashes
  4. This Might Be Something Big, I Have no idea but I was thinking, how you call for back up you can also call for other services EMS FD And they actually treat people and put out fires, not just arrive at the incident and run more people over LOL but I think this would be a nice touch ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Setting up road blocks somehow, you press for example F4 And the map comes up and you're up to 6 marker's and you can road block streets with AI police, but a realistic road block, 1 or 2 police cars making sure that no one goes in the area. ________________________________________________________________________________ __________ The police AI isn't like in real life, they hit other members of the public and so on, just wondering if you can make the police AI any better, and more real, and if there is a Mod or something else let me know ________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Swat from helicopters, as they come in truck's another button to call for swat helicopters ________________________________________________________________________________ __________ Please let me know what you think about the idea's, I know they are quite advanced, I know it can be done but it's a big job, just let me know if this is "TOTALING FUCKING SHIT AND AM A DICKHEAD" Or "Yes I like this idea Great thinking" :D Thanks
  5. Hey Am New To This I gotta say, i was amazed at the Mod and was looking at the video's on youtube and jumping i have installed the mod (7.2c) but the problem i am having is.... The Mod Uses: Hock Dsound I have downloaded a Police car mod, which also uses: Hock Dsound So am having conflict with The Mod And The PoliceLights..... Anyone Help?