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  1. Neither. The mods don't provide their own vehicles. They use the vehicles that are in the game itself. As long as you haven't changed the vehicles.img file, you should still have the original LCPD cars. If you want to go further and use NYPD cars, you simply need to install them. ***Use caution when installing new vehicles as there may be performance/texture issues...ALWAYS BACKUP ORIGINALS***
  2. Thanks for your patience. As it looks right now, it was simply a conflicting error... have you removed the first person mod, or any other mods besides PPM? Also, please make sure that you have a clean vehicles.img file. One step at a time...
  3. ???? where you can play as a cop? This mod allows that. You need to follow the installation instructions VERY CAREFULLY- STEP BY STEP!
  4. Start with the basics...Does the keyboard normally stop working randomly? If so, there may be insufficient USB power. Has it always happened? When did it start? Before or after the trainers? Does it work if the trainer is removed? Also, the obvious, even though you never specifically stated that the numpad wasn't working, make sure that the numlock is activated, otherwise the numpad wont work. I highly doubt that it is a bug with PPM. It would be the first case I have heard of.
  5. Do you have the latest scripthook?
  6. This is exciting. I like this mod idea.
  7. or... you can find out which of the vehicle mods are corrupt and exchange it with a different one. I had this problem when i tried adding an ELS F150 into the game. It crashed everytime it became selected with F7. So i got rid of it and 'Voila'! It worked again!
  8. Have you waited the entire time through? Because what i noticed is that the criminal sits in my car until a couple seconds after the backup arrives...Then switches over. You just need to make sure you stay at the scene.
  9. First off, Wrong section (moved) Second, No need for the thumbnail Third, You need to tell us what you need help with in the actual post itself, instead of the sub title. Fourth: How do Install this? Installation: 1) Download & Install the GTA IV Patch: 2) Download the Police Pursuit Mod .exe file from www.policemod.com/iv 3) Open the Police Pursuit Mod .exe and when it prompts for a location, click 'browse' and navigate to your GTA root directory. [The place where your GTA_IV.exe is] 4) If you don't already have an ASI loader, type "yes" when prompted to do so at the end of the installation to install dsound. 5) Start GTA IV as you would normally. If the mod has loaded then you should see some text at the bottom of the screen. Press numpad 0 to activate the mod.. It wouldnt hurt to tell us what version of Windows and Gta IV you currently run either ;)
  10. [MOVED] Dont be sorry, just search next time. You need to enable traffic stop mode from in the game. The readme contains all the controls for this.
  11. Really? I may be wrong but, I thought that option was enabling police to try shooting out suspects tires...? :huh:
  12. Welcome To PPM! Glad to hear we are on top! B) Your idea sounds like a great idea, possibly doable. However, my concern with it is...the whole point of adding skins is to personalize the game to your liking. I can already hear people complaining when they become limited to certain skins. I think, that would be one of the drawbacks to this.
  13. How are any of these bugs?
  14. Out of curiosity, and based on a recent support conversation... -What are your basic PC specs? What is your computer capable of? -Have you needed to upgrade parts for performance with GTAIV? My Specs are: Dell XPS Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.40 GHz 3 GB RAM Win7 Home Premium Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT w/ 512 MB DDR3
  15. You need to use an image reader such as sparkIV... Google for instructions ;)