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  1. Good job. I love your mod (y)
  2. Please update the mission list. (http://mods.team-neo.com/iv/missionids.html) thx :)
  3. Edit. My bad
  4. When I install the mod will just present one file (234 689) And it still does not work. :/
  5. When I try and remove them and add to the original. So we'll see if it works.
  6. Yes I have renamed them. Originally named the "234 689" But there is only one file. so I've made ​​a copy of it.
  7. Have done this but it still does not work. Police shatter works in an ordinary car. But not in a police car. It will only "normal" music :/
  8. Go where you've installed your mod. Then roll the bottom of the folder and press the "Uninstall" ;)
  9. Have not encountered that problem yet :P
  10. For anyone that finds that they can only do 1 mission, open the PolicePursuit.ini file and change the "forcemission" option to 0.
  11. Sounds good :)
  12. Have problems with 7.6. I can not forward any other office than "Responding to 911 call/visual- Suspicious Activity" I have tested and installed the mod but it does not help. Had 7.5d before and then I had no problems. Besides, this is a good mod. Great job with everything and hope you can fix this. :) sorry for my english
  13. [Wrong section to post]
  14. I have the same problem :/
  15. I can't get the police chatter to work in the police car. :/ Only in the regular car (On Independence FM)