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  1. Dead.
  2. Hello Developer, I was wondering since I was here in June 2011 that this Mod is still on hold. Is it on hold or death? A long time is passing and I really like this mod, but I only wish to bring back the patient to a hospital near by. Nothing more nothing less... So please keep up the good work and bring in some passion from the pursiut mod!!! greetings
  3. First of all... I really love that Mod! I play it often I can and I really like the plaches where you found a patient. Great work!!! Now my question/ suggestion: Are you still working on it? And if the answer is yes. Could you please fine tune the treatment of the "victim"/ patient? Like in the Pursuit Mod? Drive the patient to a hospital? This is the only thing that disturbs me. I would do it by myself, but I don´t know how. Thats the matter I studie medicine and not computer science. It would be so great if you can do that!!! Greetings from munich, germany