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  1. hey i found the problem its actually fine the one b4 this all you have to do is go to notepad where the mission number is the value is 12 change the value to zero and it works fine :mellow:
  2. check my ideas from zion you know i dont come up with crap :rolleyes:
  3. hey guys ok this the suggestion ill now explain why. when you get the call officer needs assistance its cool but when you get ther the officer is just shooting him and often by the time you get out your car hes dead so my opinion is that because of the officer is shooting him,he dont really need assistance how about theres 3 tramps or ppl whatevr but at the same time knowing theve got a sustainable amount of heath so it takes a couple bullets to kill them but if you made it so the officer has alot of health aswell then there could just be 3 people there attacking the officer with no guns maybe a knife if not possible just punching and kicking the officer so in that way he really needs assistance so upon arrival you can choose to just jump in meaning :lol: get your bat out and just wack them in my case i have a teliscopic baton as a replacement but anyways option 2 just shoot all of em mission complete . thanks for reading
  4. well dur incorect spelling to isue a nitwit. <_< of course you can you think theres somthing hardcored so you can never play lcp watever the hell it is once youve installed police mod awnser >no< unlike police pursuit by tamneo lcp... whatever does not have a uninstaller so youll have to delet their scripthook files and the lcpd... folder but do what you like man .
  5. yay does thatman i get thats great but a little late for me i guess when i cracked the els problem i would have got manybut life goes on anyway those who got hep from my els post fix {pinned hit me up with some rating and for those that inboxed me saying that it stops els hit me up on that i also have a fix for that
  6. u got a trainer on or uno wat a bit cheecky but instal our arch enimies game ittl install a script hook wich is better or shall i say different from the one on here then delete ther files and try again
  7. actually no it dont stop the els all together many people have tried it and it works. and also i recently discovered it enables police 3 and 4 to be els enabled .
  8. next time use the search bar mate so many people have asked the same question its a great idea but would take way to much time to make and it would slow down the game dramaticly and every numberplate is the same on perticular models so it would not be able to automaticly randomize but if it did it would cause all sorts of problems could be a good idea for later on in the future because right now theres plenty bugs going on so when there done 7.5d shall be released dont take my word for it im not the boss but after 7.5 d is fixed and fully working no crashes bugs or glitches then everyones ideas should be taken into account but when your posting think deeply about your idea the possibiltys and the not possibles i mean having a good idea is good but really it must be practical
  9. if you dont like the rules disale it simple read the readme
  10. hehe this lil bit bad of me but sneak iver to gtapolicemod .com then search real taxi fix it actually works thats why im hardly on ere anymore everything perfect lol jk
  11. based on jack alot of my friends play and theres plenty english player and modders iknow so ur wrong
  12. hey guys just first of all id like 2 say happy new year to everyone its a new year new start new things happening and to all those that have been posting and not getting repleis ill help you out as much as i can dont worry the admins will be back on go very soon and there will be i hope alot of activity on the forum again
  13. lol kk look ca accidents happen thats classed as suspicious acivity ect. fights can happen in the game on its own but still a good idea to put specific mission where you would have to interveen a fray aka fight. didnt quite get what the 3rd 1 ment so ill move on use the search bar people have asked for a speed gun lol its just its not that they dont wanna make it its hard to explain itll take way to much time and itd be pointless this is the funny bit if you want to be where that officer is on the bride park your car behind him not hitting the cones then get out of your motor drag him out then get ot hell get back in now point your gun at him hell drive away now carefully park your car inbetween the cones lol there you go sorted
  14. works fine for me but somtimes jams in 1 position i suggest leaving that button alone its really unnessary