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      Would you like to become a Developer here?

      Would you like to become a 'Developer' here? Developers will gain full admin powers on the forum and have the ability to promote users to 'Staff' and 'Experienced Members' ranks. They will also have a section on the forum dedicated to their mod just like the Police Pursuit and Paramedic Mods have now.   Or perhaps you would like to help the existing mods by enforcing forum rules and slapping people about when they've done wrong?     If you already have mods that you've made and would like to submit as part of your 'CV' then feel free to contact me directly.   For more information read here:   http://mods.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54

Registration Terms

In addition to the information outlined in our Terms Of Use (http://mods.team-neo.com/tos.html) You must also agree to abide by the following if you choose to use our forum.

1) Uploaded images must not stretch the forum's layout in anyway.

2) Posted content (Text, images, videos e.t.c) must be of legal content and not violate any other third parties copy right.

3) Posted content (Text, images, videos e.t.c) must be related to;

- Team-NeO
- Mods Developed By Team-NeO
- GTA IV Mods including but not limited to; Texture/vehicle/weapon/audio.

4) Posted content (Text, images, videos e.t.c) that is NOT related to the above mentioned catagories should be posted in the appropriate thread. If the content is of 'Advertisement' nature it can and will be removed. Advertisements can include but is not limited to:

- Other website(s) not of GTA IV nature or not associated with Team-NeO.
- Game Servers not hosted by Team-NeO
- Mods not developed by Team-NeO. (Staff Descression)
- Software not related to GTA IV or Team-NeO.

5) Any mod developed by Team-NeO must remain in it's original state. Taking parts out such as the .ASI, Readme.txt e.t.c out is illegal. Redistribution of our mods are also prohibitted. If people would like to use our mods, they should be directed to our website where they can obtain it there. I strongly advise that all users only download our mod from our website. We will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your system by downloading our mod from any third party sources.

Last Updated: 12:38 - Friday - 04/06/2010