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Traffic stop corrections

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When making a routine traffic stop I walk up and tell him he's been speeding. During a real traffic stop they always check for ID no matter what right away. My only option in game to check for ID is I have to ask him to step out of the car. That's weird. Most officers don't like you to step out of the car. Then while Im trying to check ID he runs away and gets into the back of my car. So I have a suggestion. How about making the order like this. I walk up, I tell them what they did, I then have an option to check his ID while he sits in the car and then if it is invalid or something is suspicious I can then ticket or ask him to get out of the car for further inspection or arrest, or let him go. This would be the realistic way to do things. Is this a possibility? Also, it would seem there are far to many invalid or expired license. Thanks

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To follow up on the post above, I have two options on a traffic stop. I can either ticket him OR check his ID...I cannot do both and it bugs me.


I want to see if his license is valid but once I find that out I can only let him go or arrest him. The ticket/arrest/let him go option should come after you have verified his ID.

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Yeah, that is quite annoying, I mean usually you would check the ID and then see if they've been speeding and you want to ticket them or if they have another offence and you want to arrest them. But it's silly to have just the arrest/let go option, as it's not that realistic.

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Completely Agree! Cops don't ask you out of the vehicle 99% of time.

So steps will look more logically in these order:


1) Say reason for stopping:

a) speeding

B) red light

c) dangerous driving

d) failed to yield the way

e) pedestrian hit

f) vehicle hit

2) Take driver's ID and Insurance

3) Return to police vehicle and check status of documents in DB (could be random)

4) Return on the screen values (while sitting in police vehicle):

- ID expired Y|N (no need to check for validness! who fakes IDs anyways???)

- Insurance expired Y|N

- Warrant for Arrest Y|N

- Previously convicted on

- driving under influence

- drugs sale/use

- illegal weapon use/discharge

5) Take decision (while sitting in the police vehicle):

a) write citation and return to a driver (in this order)

B) return to driver and ask to step out for alcohol test (return any random value of BAC %%)

c) return to driver and ask to step out for drug search (not sure)

d) return to driver and ask ask to step out for arrest


If developer is interested - we could work around any options to make it easy to script.


Thanks.. =))

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Dude, Pirate is a genius! Love the idea. Just one more little add to the topic. Could we not make every ticket $50? I mean come on, maybe I can see speeding as a $50 ticket, but running a red light or hitting someone only $50? Add $500/$1000 tickets to the mod. Much more realistic.

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