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as most know its a decade since the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre, Pentagon and Shanksville in Pennsylvania

I've just started this so people can place tibutes and thanks to all of the extremely brave men and women of the FDNY, PAPD of NJ&NY and the NYPD as well as civilians that tried to help


a big thank you to the

341 firefighters killed

2 paramedics killed

23 NYPD officers killed

37 PAPD of NJ&NY

and the 8 EMTs and paramedics from private emergency medical services


who all lost there lives to save anoter

and my heart goes to any on this site who lost someone they knew in these attacks

and to all the 2,977 people who lost there lives on what was an event which literally shook the world


Thank You and

God Bless America,

Venture :)


(This is for tributes and thanks only please keep it polite and peaceful and dont turn it into a conspiricy debate or "Glad Osama Bin Laden is dead" topic)

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This is what I have as my Signature!


Sunset 'MrHoggLegg' Parker


God Bless All of the Doctors ✡ Nurses ✡ EMT's ✡ Firefighters ✡ Law Enforcement and Military!


America's Real Heroes!


A Hero Once Said ✡ 'Are You Ready ✡ Let's Roll!'


Todd Beamer ✡ United Flight 93 ✡ Somewhere Over PA ✡ Sept 11, 2001


Sometimes a Hero Forgets to be Scared!

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