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2 small bugs

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Hello, I've downloaded Police Pursuit Mod today and its great, it barely crashes even with all my other mods installed.


I'm here to tell about two bugs which I encountered.




The first bug is from the mission VIP transport. You park up behind the truck and escort it with the other two police cars to the other police station. After the mission is done some cops dissapear and the other two police cars that were escorting the truck return to patrol. Now the bug is, even though its rather small (so easy to solve ;)). The two police cars that return to patrol keep their light and sirens on, so basically they are patrolling like any other police car but than with light and sirens. It would be cool if this could be fixed so that they turn of their lights and sirens after the mission is complete.




I was pulling over someone for the first time (acutally second but the first time the driver took of) because I wanted to know what I could do. I had a menu with options which I chose 'ran a red light' from and than I could let him go,... What I did is, I pushed F9, because since it was my first time realised I had to do this when someone made a mistake, which this driver didn't. Now the bug is, the driver took of because the mission was canceled, but my character freezed in the 'lean to driver side window' position and I counldn't move anymore. I could still look around and change weapon (only the weapon in hud changed, he didn't took it). Would be nice if this was fixed, BUT at the other side, next time I'll pull only someone over when he made a mistake :P


Anyway, thanks again for the great mod, shooting cops is fun but playing as one defenitly is not less fun ;)

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