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      Would you like to become a Developer here?

      Would you like to become a 'Developer' here? Developers will gain full admin powers on the forum and have the ability to promote users to 'Staff' and 'Experienced Members' ranks. They will also have a section on the forum dedicated to their mod just like the Police Pursuit and Paramedic Mods have now.   Or perhaps you would like to help the existing mods by enforcing forum rules and slapping people about when they've done wrong?     If you already have mods that you've made and would like to submit as part of your 'CV' then feel free to contact me directly.   For more information read here:   http://mods.team-neo.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54
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When posting a new idea/suggestion...

  • ...Try to remember that as a developer. We are limited by what we can do with what Rockstar Games has provided us with. We're also limited by time and manpower. I will always aim to include as many user-requested ideas/suggestions as possible but it's impossible for me to include every single one.
  • ...Try to think logically about the idea or suggestion you have. Will your idea compliment the mod? Will other users benefit from your idea? Afterall there is no point in making a new feature that only one would benefit from.
  • ...Ensure that if you make a post in this part of the forum that it consists of an actual idea or suggestion and not anything else. We have other areas on the forum for everything not related to a suggestion or idea.
  • ...Ensure that if you post a suggestion or idea, that it's made in the correct section of the forum.
  • ...Try to see if someone else has already posted your idea.
  • ...Avoid asking developers whether your idea/suggestion will be included. As mentioned above, it's impossible to include all suggestions but we will do our best to include as many as we can. If you're idea is not included in the next version, it does not mean it has been forgotten. It may still come in future releases.

Questions & Answers

    [Question]: Can I post more than one suggestion on the forum?
    [Answer]: Yes, post as many as you like but avoid posting the same idea twice.

    [Question]: When will my idea/suggestion be in the mod?
    [Answer]: Impossible to say. We prioritise our work loads. By this, I mean if someone posts a bug report regarding an issue thats causing a crash. Then you post a suggestion or idea to add something different or change the mod. We will automatically work on the issue causing the crash as a pose to your suggestion. The reason for this is simple, it's much more important to us that our users are able to play the mod when they choose to and not have it crash on them. There is also a possibility that your idea or suggestion may not make it to the mod.

    [Question]: What happens if I post an idea and I want to change my idea or remove it altogether?
    [Answer]: The easiest option would be to just leave the post. The second option would be to use the 'Edit' button and remove the text from your post though we don't recommend this. It's always better that other people see the ideas posted and make judgements of their own.

    [Question]: Can I join the development team?
    [Answer]: Yes to a degree. We welcome all developers to this forum. If you - yourself have knowledge of developing mods or perhaps you already have developed mods then you could easily join us. Developers will automatically gain full admin rights on our forum but we would need to know and trust you. This means you would need to have been with us for awhile. Developers can develop mods on behalf of Team-NeO this means you can use the Official Team-NeO name in your mod, you will also get a section on the forum dedicated to your mod just like the Paramedic Mod and Police Pursuit Mod have now. Developers (like me) will over see the running of this forum and their maintain their mods.

    [Question]: Help! Why are my textures not loading? Everything is invisable...
    [Answer]: When this occurs it can be any number of things. To try to resolve it, update your Graphics Card Drivers to the latest version. This does not always work 100% but should deffinately reduce the severity of the texture loading issue. It could also be that you have custom vehicle or other models installed and you simply have too many installed OR you need to rebuild the 'achieve' using SparkIV. Lastly if all else fails, reinstall the game, patch to the latest version and install the mod. Then see if the textures are loading or not. It might help to reduce the graphic settings aswell.

    [Question]: How can I improve my FPS?
    [Answer]: There is no 'Quick Fix' to this as it's widely known that GTA IV is one of the most demanding games, ever. You can improve FPS by:

    * Lowering graphics settings.

    * Upgrading to the latest game patch.

    * Removing all mods except the Police Pursuit Mod.

    * Lowing the "Vehicle Density" bar in the game menu.

    * Updating graphic card drivers.

    * Reinstalling the game can also improve FPS.

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