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New Carbon Motors E7 Cruiser

The E7 Police Car   17 members have voted

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So has anyone seen this "beast" of a car??? Its soo Nice...and effective. I grabbed some info from their website and posted it below. What are your thoughts?


"Fuel Efficiency: A more efficient clean diesel engine and fuel system delivers an estimated 40 percent improvement in fuel economy compared to models currently in use by law enforcement.


Patrol Readiness: The Carbon E7 is ready to patrol upon delivery - including graphics, badging and striping - no additional costs or downtime for after-market product procurement and installation. Carbon Motors will also partner with major equipment suppliers for lights, sirens, prisoner transport seats, and other equipment, providing economies of scale not available in today's 'up-fitting' environment.


Officer Protection: Unlike current off-the-line vehicles, the E7 is designed with officer safety and performance in mind, from the 75 mph rear impact crash capability to the integrated emergency equipment to the optional ballistic protection panels. The E7 is delivered without the safety risks associated with today’s 'up-fitted' solution.


Innovative Production Process: Our game-changing business model of pull-based manufacturing uses an integrated supply chain and produces vehicles to a direct order from a direct customer. This means our purpose-built vehicles can be offered at a price comparable to current 'up-fitted' passenger cars – but for a vastly superior product.


Lower Cost of Ownership: The total cost of ownership – purchase price, equipment options, fuel, maintenance and lifespan – of the E7 leaves other models in the dust. With a durability specification target of 250,000 miles built to withstand the rigors of law enforcement, and with the fuel efficiency of a clean-burning diesel engine, operating costs will be remarkably lower."


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