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How to report a bug

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If you want to report a bug, include as much information as you can, things listed below will help greatly:


-Use a clear and understandable topic name.

-Mod version

-When it happens

-Screenshots/video's. (Fraps is a good program to record, or if you use xfire it has an even better video recording.)

-What other mods do you use


* using the xfire video capture mode, you can record in-game on really nice quality, and what xfire does later on is encode it, wich makes from 2gb files 50MB files. Wich fraps does not, besides that fraps free version is a 30sec recording timelimit



hello i have a bug i cant arrest please fix


-Obvious I guess



======================GOOD REPORT====================

Hello, i've found this bug, I can't arrest people in version 7.3b.

Here's a video. It seems to occur when xxx happens or when I do xxx.


- Notice the difference? Simply saying "found a bug - fix it" doesn't really give me anything to go on at all. There's roughly 9800 lines of code and saying "find the line thats wrong" without giving any sort of area to look in makes it near impossible to locate and fix.



======================STATUS CODES====================


[uN-RELATED] - We'll assign a reported bug as 'Un-related' if the bug being reported is being caused or triggered by something other than our mod itself.


[RESOLVED] - Well this is a pretty obvious one really. When a report is made and resolved, we'll assign it this label.


[CONFIRMED] - This label is assigned to bug reports that we deem must be looked at and fixed by a developer ASAP.




Last edit: 16/09/2010

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Maybe you should add Other [major] mods being used at the time, or something similar.

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I came across quite a few people who I had to request to run the debug feature of xliveless. I can expand on it more, unless you already know how to (it's in the readme of xliveless), I ask that you add that please :P

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Will do when I get the chance to get on the PC, i'm on the laptop atm.

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